Your biggest sports accomplishment


Mine : -1988 ( back in my country) Fisic Cup I won the light weight class. I was 24 years old, i had been training bbuilding for about 4 years, i had made a very difficult transition from martial arts to bbuilding; i was totally clean and natural. it was at the time been the biggest show the country had.
Anyways even considering that am no spring chicken i firmly believe the best is yet to come, am super excited about the men’s physique competition. What is your best sports accomplishment?


1972 Little League team went undefeated. I played ‘Left Out’ the entire season. Proud moment for sure. LOL


All State wrestling champ


Won the novice, heavyweight, and overall at my bery first bodybuilding show in 2007 at a weight of 225.6lbs at 3.5% bodyfat measured by water displacement type of testing. I had striations from the bottom of my ass cheeks all the way up my christmas tree (lower back) i also won the Anthony D’Rizzo most muscular award at that show! Came home with a lot of hardware and a new passion in my life


Shit im sorry about my face being in the pic to the moderators here i apologize!


Wow that is awesome congrats


Thank you brotha it was such an amazing day!


Damn bro congratulations brother! Been a beast and at the top of your game for a very long time… From the beginning I suppose you have been the the man and a top dog! Much respect for you my brotha!


The first day I walked into a boxing gym with tennis shoes, a pair of basketball shorts, and a tank top on. Asked where I could find Mr. Daily? (the trainer/coach). He came out of his office and I said to him “I would like to learn how to box.” He asked me do you want to fight or “do you want to box?” I said to him sort of confused “both” he replied “good son, bc not every time you get in that ring it’s not always a boxing match, alot of times it’s a fight, not only that it starts long before you lace up a pair of gloves.” That has stuck with me forever and it was the most truthful things I’ve ever been told in any sport. This statement has been the basis of every accomplishment I’ve ever had.


Damn right bro! Life is one big fight for anything and everything you want. You have to find a way to dig deep and make it happen against all odds through any type of adversity! The weak get eaten in this world only the strong survive thats the way i have always lived my life and will till my final breath :muscle:t2:



“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”
― Sun Tzu

“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.”
― Leon C. Megginson

You might see a lot of Tzu quotes posted by me as I am a student of the Art of War.


Can we please not make semperFi upset. Just kidding. I actually have read this text and some others of " strategy" there’s a kindle version that has some cliff notes as its a hard read. I look at that book as one on life , know thyself, know enemy. What was the topic…:grinning::flushed: