You get a free vial, and you get a free vial, everyone gets free vials! The Oprah Promo for those affected by IJL


Because we keep seeing more and more people affected by the Iron Junkie Labs bad products, we have decided to give some free vials of test and sust to members. We understand some are on self TRT and your health should not be a worry. All we ask is that you cover the shipping fee and will send up to 2 vials free of charge.

Send us an email (not PM) to [email protected] with Oprah in the title and your username and pic of your IJL vials, or have a staff member confirm for your order and let us know. We are not asking for cycles or logs, we just want to help the community.

*special offer not affiliated with Oprah


Awesome job looking out for the community! Really speaks volumes of character brotha!


Welcome to the IJL promo club haha :ok_hand:t3::ok_hand:t3:


Hahahahaha I lobe the Oprha pic and comment lol


STAND UP SHIT ! This community is incredible. Who else does this, honestly?


Thanks all. We all have goals and things we need to do to get there. This community is very much like a family oriented community and we should all watch out for each other where we can. We are over stocked on Test and Sust right now so what better time then to give some vials away to help people.



Please take the time to read how another source is willing to help those effected by recent events.

Thank you @MPG


I have a family and bodybuilding is my life other than work , I try my best to dedicate what little time I have to this community and I appreciate our staff and great community. Thank you @MPG for your kindness


Good to know


All these promos. I gotta figure out this bitcoin thing.


What a fantastic offer by a great sponsor. So very generous an worthy.


Stand up guys, right here.


Just an update. We got overwhelmed with emails but will be answering all of them later today. Just takes a little longer to setup the order info and keep everything organized. Thanks!


This says a lot about your confidence in your product, thank you for looking out for the members here at UGM.


I’ll definitely be shooting over an email when I get off work @MPG this is outstanding and I feel blessed to be part of such an amazing community.


@MPG great sponsor, we appreciate the offer. This will also be an opportunity for a lot of members to test your Test & after quality check more future orders coming your way & be the go src for many :ok_hand:


I trashed my vials from ijl but I kept the emails where he and I went back and fourth on the bad batch. Will that work for verification @MPG?


How about an official review? Seems like I was the only one who did one… I also included photos of vials that weren’t trashed for some reason. They are in the trash now. Thanks for the generosity!


Update:- Getting orders in an out. Apologizes but we woke up to way more emails and orders then we were expecting. New orders with bitcoin will go thru the site for faster processing. Western Union or Moneygram will be thru email as names change with each person. Previous orders may be added to the site if you have an account setup.

Still working on replying to 48 more emails.


So if you haven’t been affected then couldn’t get the promo? Because I went to the website and see these products at $0.00