WOW I cannot wait to try this out!


I decided to give the new guys a go and so far I am very impressed in every aspect. @AlphaOmega orked with me and answered every question I had. He truly cares about his customer and is always willing to help. I had won a contest on a diff board for some of his Var and decided I would go the route of running his oils for my blast as well. The packaging was solid. T/A was crazy fast. Presentation is very clean and each one even has its own plastic sealed cap. Not sure I have seen that from a ugl. Pretty cool. I cannot wait to give this a go. I will be starting Monday and keeping a log in the members section for anyone who would like to follow along and see how the quality it!

I will also be getting bloods on both the test c and p. I’m starting with eq and test c then adding mast p halfway and changing to test p. Also adding he var then.

I really have nothing bad I could say so far so gotta go all 10s.

Communication: 10/10
Packaging: 10/10
Presentation: 10/10
T/A: 10/10
Quality: TBD

Sorry no pics from me, but I’m sure he will post up some soon in his section to show off what they look like. Or you can see on his site.

Thanks again @AlphaOmega


Thanks for sharing @Fitraver. Looking forward to your follow up.


All 10 looks good , waiting for your log :muscle:


All 10’s is outfuckingstanding as John would put it :wink:


Nice! Thanks!


I will get my log up and going for this with my whole layout later today: cycle, training, supps, and diet. Hope to see all you guys following along!



Looking forward to your log bro!


The log is up:

@anton5052 @Czworeczki @josh @mbtjr1980


Just read it! Good stuff and bookmarked it!


Happy to report back that strictly speaking on pip @AlphaOmega is as good as it gets. With full pins to glute and vg I literally could not even tell I had hit the spot. This stuff absorbs like no other. Never any pip from point of pin to 48 hours after. Not even a slight bump either.

I’ll report back in a few weeks once I can speak to actual quality of the compounds. I’ll also be getting bloods on the test c in 3 weeks.