🍖 Who wants a BLACK FRIDAY Sale?!? - 30% off


Use this code: blackfriday

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this cannot be combined with any other code or deal you may have won in a contest or auction

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As always, any questions, feel free to contact me about anything :slight_smile:

Black friday sale - 30% off

Great Deal here man. Thanks for the offer.


No Prob. Nows your time to grab all that stuff you said you were gunna get on that dhb logger thread :wink:



Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to save some cash from one of our sponsors.


must have been drinking lol… nah, i’ll have to go back and look. could have been josh you were thinking about… I’m definitely getting something…


You were taking a it a full cycle of deca plus tren and cialis I believe haha


Damn man, good memory. I already have the all the cialis I’ll need for quite awhile. I’m looking at whether I should add to the cycle I’m about to start back up when I get my new Test or look at my cut cycle. Maybe I’ll have to PM you later about it.


Haha I was always good at tests in school thanks to that. And no prob beo. Pm me Whenever I’m here to help.


Is this running along side the current dragon pharma promo?
Thinking of getting some dragon dhb. That recent competition has whetted the appetite!!


thinking no


Yep stirms code you covered. That is what I meant. Can’t add to any other promo accept an extra 5% if you use btc. That’s a fat discount tho bro. No other promo needed you’re not gunna beat this.


Nope wasn’t me! Good looking out tho! :+1:


Happy Thanksgiving, UGM!! Don’t miss out on this 30% off sale. Up to 35% if you use bitcoin!!


Sitting at home in a food coma?!?!?

Great time to grab some @PharmaComStore supplies at up to 35% off!!


Don’t miss out.


Slang that ish bro, lol


how much longer is this discount going on for? I PM’d you too…


I need to verify but I think tomorrow. And I’ll respond later out with fam.


I wish I wasn’t knee deep in bills to buy more stuff! :weary::weary:


Knew? Haha guessing that was a typo?