Where to start your research on a drug? Pubchem


For those that are unaware, pubchem is the chemical version of pubmed.gov.

The cool thing about researching thru pubchem is it will also give you information about studies and possibly recent research you hadnt yet heard about. While its not a bodybuilding site, it helps give you more insight to what you are taking.

A few pages for ideas of the site:



Your right…researchgate is the best by far but it’s harder to access everything. Pubmed.gov is real good but remember everyone not to just read abstracts and research is two fold. You have to extract what is the absolutes and what cannot be tested ( in humans) due to ethics.


Ive never heard of researchgate is it a .com or .gov?
Im just going to look it up

This is it right?


It just has the latest research on certain things and your able to communicate with researchers. I received a great communication on the new pain relief med.