When did you lose your virginity?


Just a curious question. How old were you when you first pinned? And what was it?

16yrs old. Test and deca cycle. Way too young but nearly 25 years ago. I would have waited to my 20s knowing what I know now.


Started with PHs then it was test only and I think I was like 25?? I don’t even remember. And holy fuck 16?!? How’d you hide that shit from your parents???


31 years old, six years ago. Absolutely no idea what I was doing


I hid it behind the electrical outlet lol. My best friend worked in a pharmacy and we made fake scripts lol. Thank you walgreens. Later I just drove to Mexico.


Unreal haha. That’s crazy.


Winstrol alone, shot 1 amp a week for a month before a show; had no idea what i was doing and very scared. i was 23


Thats a very small cycle. Did you read up prior? Curious why just winny.


I forgot to add it was sust 500 per week.


I dont think that did anything for me at all…yes i diet very hard, won the lightweght division, that was back in my country…biggest bbuilding show at the time been


Great topic…fun


20yrs old - Deca only cycle pinning ED! Man was I lost… but i got huge. I am just thankful I didn’t kill myself. Carried the preloaded syringes over the Mexican border regularly back then. :wink:

Things have come a long way in my 30+ years since first pin!


I’m never ceased to be amazed at the work you older gentlemen put in to finding and getting things back then. It’s great!


How much were you pinning a week


Most of the preloads were 100mg/mL so that is 700mg/wk if I remember correctly.


Prolly a fuckin 18ga too


I was 18 and had mexican sustanon250 preloads. Shot 1 a week and gained 25lbs. Good ol days lol


Fkn harpoons


High mg for bein a first ever but like you said you got huge, so the addiction began I would imagine


Deca only? Damn thank God you were young otherwise you would of had a useless male appendage. If i dont dose test correctly with deca my libido goes down down down :-1:t2:


I was 17 and I paid $400 for 2 bottles of test… LOL!!