What's your current diet?


Curious what people are eating at the moment? Ive stopped going to any family functions and kept diet pretty plain.

Breakfast: boiled or scrambled egg whites.
Rest of meals: chicken breasts (boiled) with a slice of melted cheese and mustard over it.
Snack: celery sticks.


Eggs Raisin Bran with almond milk. Everything else chicken and rice. With steamed broccoli. 6 meals a day.


I wish I could have that much carbs regularly. Upsets my stomach too much.


350 protein and 425 carbs 95 fats. I have a very active job


Mines not atm. But my stomach’s gotten really sensitive to bloating and carbs over past couple years. I’ll bloat and end up on shitter all day if I take in too many.


Honestly that’s how I was until I did a strict keto run of 2 months. Lost 42 pounds. It seemed like it reset my body. Sounds crazy but. I’m losing bf and gaining muscle now. 5 10. 39 yr old 240 at 14bf. We have a total body scan at work.


I’m in full ketosis right now and will continue for maybe 4 months when I’ll start adding carbs in gradually. For now just when hungry adding more chicken breasts. I was looking like GH gut - bloated with abs and only kept getting worse. Took a tolerance and allergen test and found alot of foods I grew up with and loved in bodybuilding I could no longer tolerate like oats and whole eggs and skim milk and pepper and onions even.

Finally got foods figured out but any carbs cause me to bloat again right now. Hopefully it resets some afterwards. No carbs and I’m fine. Thanks to flavor God and mustard I’ll survive lol. Fresh tatar on the weekends is a bonus. Love the raw beef.


I just changed my calories and macros to start this new program. 4,232 calories. 317g protein,188g fat, 317g carbs. I may lower the fats and raise the carbs but I had problems on the last run with higher carbs. Stomach issues, constipation, acid reflux etc so I raised my fats and lowered my carbs to see if that would help still give me the fuel and help my stomach issues.


Currently in doing eggs, chicken, red meat, Brown and white rice, red potatoes, snacks I’ll do peanuts, almonds, and I love me some tomatoe sandwiches. Also post work out and last meal I do a Redcon MRE shake with added honey nut Cheerios and peanut butter


I am in a hunter diet. But I love beer. And pizza. But on cycle I am much more strict. I love food. And to be honest, a six pack is less important to me than benching 455 at 55. :grin:. So I eat for strength. Just being honest. :grin:


Yeah eggs, oats, chicken, steak and cut red potatoes were a staple for me for years. I’ve never liked brown rice too much and tolerate white rice.


I reserved pizza for my DNP cycles lol. Would eat a couple daily. Good times.


I’ve been sticking to chicken, lean beef, sweet potatoes, green vegetables mainly broccoli and peas, brown rice.


Basic… eggs, sweet potatoes, broccoli, chicken breast, occasionally quinoa, salmon, and pollock.

Gets really boring but my stomach has been weird lately if I switch it up. I get bloated and gassy plus my bowel movements become irregular.