What would be the proper TRT Dosage


What would be the proper TRT Dosage? What is the highest dosage that can be taken to still be considered TRT?


@Push good question… The normal range of testosterone is 270-1070g/dL. Anything that places you’re total testosterone above that range would no longer be considered TRT.


Gotta find a doc that puts you on a dose where your trough is In The upper range and not your peak too :wink: that’s when you got a good one haha.


My PCP doctor was somewhat more conservative, he prescribed 100 mgs Test cyp per week. I then utilized my urologist who allowed 200 mg of Test cyp every 10 days. As @SemperFi shared, the goal was to find the dosage that maintained the numbers he referenced…his goal for me was to maintain numbers in the 750-1100 range. I of course “supplement” with several of the awesome sources here!


Right on @Stratfordave. The ‘normal’ range for testosterone levels is as wide and ambiguous as the rest of our hormones. We have to find what ‘feels right’ for ourselves. I prefer my numbers to be in the 900-1100 range and fortunately my ND agrees with me.

For anyone considering TRT I highly advice that you be candid with your health care provider and also don’t take ‘no’ for an answer. I am not suggesting you take more replacement testosterone than is needed. I am advising that you take charge of your medical care and find a medical professional that you can work with and one that places your interest above the interest of their insurance contracts. :wink:


Very sound advice i myself am currently in the market for a trt specialist that will help me instead of hinder me


I live in a major city, so there isn’t a shortage of doctors who will prescribe testosterone for therapeutic purposes…my experience has been urologists tend to be more well versed and cognizant of the positive implications of TRT…and find a way to get it covered by insurance!


My endo doc put me on 80mgs/wk but I have heard of doses being as high 200mg/wk.


Thanks bro ill def look into that avenue