What made you truly happy today?


God bless you and your family beloved


Its so nice when everyone gets along.


Today my son told me im the coolest best daddy in the world! Nothing can compare to that feeling made me truly the happiest man ever :grin:


Just joined a old gym I basically grew up in no more home workouts im very excited to get in there with my wife tommorow and throw some iron


Took my last two finals in my spring semester today, one step closer to getting my environmental science degree so I can become a game warden. Getting ready to meet up with my dad to do some trout fishing. My support and input from the members here. And last but not least my future wife’s never ending loyalty and love!!




You get a like for that


Congrats brotha.


Am finally feeling better after that anavar. i was in a bad shape


That always good.


The city has asked me to give a substance control class for parolees in the local community once a week …i feel happy and honored


Congrats my friend. Thats gotta give you a feeling of some self satisfaction.


yes sir, thanks


Awesome look at you being a upstanding citizen!!


Ha ha ha…you should have seen me 8 years ago


Yeah me to after the military I got out and shitted on and destroyed many things personal and friendship wise


we are new creatures now


Yes it feels good my quality of life has improved greatly, and therefore those around me life’s have also improved, my girlfriend is quite fortunate to never have seen the “other me”


Awesome; i have been married 5 years we met in church…God has blessed me with an amazing marriage…not 1 fight in 5 years


I applaud your undertaking.