What made you truly happy today?


Leo is a terrier, he feels violated and tresspassed


Will this be something he will grow out of eventually? I hopeā€¦donā€™t need any chaos or disorder.


This morning got so much betterā€¦lots of love, patience and prayer is getting us thereā€¦it will be perfect


Jo Fitraver!!! I did it !!! I did it !!!


Oh damn!! That looks delicious. A proper cheat haha.


Beloved ā€¦every Sunday i hear your voice inside my head so loud: Cheat mealā€¦Cheat meal !!!


Yes delicious


It made me amazingly Happy today when i read brotherā€™s fitstudboi answer to the topic " who would you like to look like" and he answered that he would like to look like Fitraver and then Fitraver answered in such a humble mannerā€¦it made me so happy to see that we can find : admiration, brotherly love and true sense of Humility right here . I love you brothers


My wife and I went through infertility issues about 5 or 6yrs ago. She posted a blog about our adventuresā€¦high and lowā€¦our happiness that we would finally have a baby and sadness when the embryos would not attach and were lost. We tried artificial insemination 3 times and IVF 3 times and spent alot of moneyā€¦for what ever reason it was not in HIS plans.

This is what I texted her at work after rereading the blog:
"ā€¦brought back many memoriesā€¦and emotions:( I am so proud of you babe. It is true that we donā€™t have it as easy as ordinary couples, but we donā€™t have ordinary love:)ā€¦and Spanky and the kids are our lives. Hope you have a great day. Talk to ya soon. Love ya. "

Spanky is my best friend(next to my wife) and the kids are referring to our 4 nieces and nephews.

I think it made her day. She asked me why I went back to reread the blogā€¦I didnā€™t know why but I wouldnā€™t change a thing and I would do it all over again. It just grew us closerā€¦that was meant to be.


God bless your family belovedā€¦how beautiful


i woke up this morning and i know god exists.i sterted praying in the morning now more often to thank him for allowing me to wake up ,he told me go .go and enjoy your life and worship me .


I am very impressed with the fellowship and faith from some members here at UGM. When I had joined not too long ago I was not expecting some of these comments from members.

This is a blessed forum and I feel honored and privileged to be a part of this group.


Thats beautiful bro :blue_heart:


Waking up to my wife and son who are both the most important people in my life! I thank God for giving me the life i have! Im truly blessed :grin:


What made me happy is, I woke up with arms, legs, fresh socks, a loyal girlfriend, a roof over my head, a B+ in my algebra class, a new protein shake made my own flavor creamsicle which consisted of 1) scoop vanilla whey 2)1 packet of orange crush flavored water packet 3)10 oz milk 4) 7 ice cubes. It was absofuckinglutely delicious.


Am on the same page it makes very happy to be part of this community and daily share with you all not only my work out or the gear i use but my whole lifeā€¦i sincerely love you all


Sounds deeeelightful.


Oh it is only problem is I need to limit it to like one everyday cause I hav a tendency to when I really enjoy something to burn it out real quick til Iā€™m sick of it then never enjoy it again


i woke up today 0600 uk time and the first thing i did was log in here after prayer .and to see some of the postings that you all make gives me a sense of belonging to something very special ,whatever time you wake up where ever you are i prey you and your loved ones have a safe and full filled day .god bless you all ,


The whole deal about UGM is sometimes ā€¦most of timesā€¦all the time just great. People here really wanna help and answer out of care and concernā€¦people here expresses matters and affairs of the heart, i see people here opening their souls, i see people here getting together to offer support and companionshipā€¦people here dont care about different opinions we care for participation however it comes. I admire this place from the bottom of my heart. I pray in the name of Jesus for prosperity, i pray for the well being of every brother and every sister, i pray for the health of their familiesā€¦I pray for an amazing future for all of us , in Jesus name. God bless you all.