What made you truly happy today?


What I learned is the little things like notes and sending flowers to her work once a month makes all the difference in the world, and when I get grumpy n have a attitude it gets me out of hot water!


Simple one today perfect 75 degrees ,sunny and just the right amount of breeeze


I had a tough morning yesterday…i felt afraid my brothers would be disappointed of me, i felt treated unfairly…the truth is God did not promise life would be fair or just…but he did promise to bless the ones that walk with Him.
I felt yesterday overwhelmed by happiness to see how all my brothers here at UGM supported me and encouraged me. Am endlessly grateful to you all for all your expressions of understanding and companionship…I feel loved here. God bless you all.


Watched the Rick and Morty marathon I love those guys


Ha ha… well I woke up to my chimney leaking thru the attic into my upstairs hallway, but that is also saying I have a roof over my head, and for that I’m thankful, hope everyone has a fantastic day!!


you worry to much ,i just remember what jesus went through .just puts it in perspective how easy i have it .keep your chin up and keep good around you .god bless


Thanks for encouraging me


no more than what you do for other people ,now keep your head up and please the only one ,


My 6 year old son’s smile when he found out i had the day off from work this morning! He was so happy he smiled then screamed lmfao! Nothing better than knowing your son looks at you like you are the coolest superhero of all :blue_heart: best part of my life 1st always is being a dad then husband and 3rd bbing! Family 1st in my book no matter what!


Awesome, nothing like family my brother…you are a blessed man


My wife, in one way or another, somehow, someway along with my best friend make me happy.


My best friend…


Awesome, what is his/her name?


Spanky…my Lil’ Buddy. Thanks for the comment Pastor.


Thank you Pastor! Yes i am truly blessed to have such a beautiful loving caring dedicated sexy wife and adorable kind thoughful lil boy i truly love them both more than any words could ever describe i give my all to take care of them both best i possibly can till the day God takes me


Awww cute lil pooch


He might be lil…but he’s got a big ego…lol.


That is an awesome friend…I have mad passion for dogs


IMO…the best pet you could have…unconditional love.


What made me happy ttoday? Waking up in this great country beside my amazing wife and kissing my little boy on the forehead before leaving for work. Have a fantastic day today ugmuscle family! Ive realized this is truly the best forum I’ve been a part of.