What made you truly happy today?


Took 2 naps today that is more than I have taken in 10 years forgot how good a day nap feels


Well, that made me happy today too; for about a month I have been getting up at 4:30 to work on forums and then at 6 I gotta get everything going in my business so nights got shorter. Today I got a little nap right at 1 o’clock


430… shit there’s only two reasons I’m ever up that early, kill deer or catchin fish, anything else can wait


Im up at 130-230 Ed to do my rep work before normal job it’s not that bad


3 lb slab


3.5lb river small mouth catch and release caught her two years later same bed 4.2 lbs


That’s a huge crappie


Big crappy fry for neighborhood I very rarley keep any but thought I would treat the neighbors!


Ice fishing 8lb 27 inch lake trout




Awesome I give away a lot to cause I hate throwing them back


I got all these the other day I love trout fishing!!


@Mountain-man take your face out of those pics!!! I’ve taken them all down


congrate pastor ,dont forget to advice them .alway keep an a/i close by .sorry had to get that one in ,god bless


My hgh stash it’s growing every day


It really sucks that the chinaman fucked everyone over. The particular batch I had is / was excellent and cheap. So, thinking that my biggest pro bmp elms Tod a y are deciding where to put my “golf club money” if I played golf, which I will never so " my sauce club money" . I call those luxury problems. In hindsight, I always know everything is for a reason. I would love to think I would use real hgh that I finally feel at 1 to 3 ius but I was already rationalizing…well if I don’t eat out everyday, I could do 12 and…so before I retire each night I journal and really my career , my h health, relationships, are right. My biggest worry was getting some btc so I can continue my live sculpture in the gym with some new “tools”. * am a lucky man


I have been feeling so good lately, i woke up this morning and remember that 3 years ago i was in a hospital bed badly burnt, face all blistered and burnt, had several surgeries and grafted skin everywhere. God is awesome…my scars are small and keep disappearing

Am happy today am healthy and well. Thank you Lord


Thats definitely a keeper.


Nice catch.


Happy for your Pastor.