What is the leading cause Abscesses?


What is the leading cause? I’m guessing dirty gear…


Lack of maintaining a sterile environment from beginning to end.


Do some research on sterile technique for invasive procedures… Dirty injection equals dirty infection…mostly?


I’m good man. Just wondering why it seems like such an issue. With the proper steps it seems avoidable unless the gear is bad. I also know some people are just morons. I have seen threads “not here” where people ask if it is okay to reuse the same needle if they soak it in alcohol. :thinking:


Yeah I saw the thread @Islandswole posted and it got me thinking. Just wondering if it is more of an issue with the gear or a lack of knowledge.


We can think we did everything right and still instances of infection can occur… from the source of the products to the source of the injection.


I have had 1 bad shot. Landed me in the hospital for 3 days. Horrible infection, abscess, etc… Bad gear.

Soaking in ETOH…not sterile, not recommended. Do people get away with it? Of course they do but in practice its a bad idea.

I have reused needles after a plunge in alcohol. I got away with it…will the next guy??? That’s the dice roll.


Wait, you cant?


Yeah man it’s crazy how many stories I have heard about people reusing. What did they do when it happened to you? Antibiotics and drain it? Hopefully it didn’t have any long-term effects.


Come on John!


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Sometimes you can do everything right and still get an abscess. When I had mine and was in hospital the nurse told me even in the hospital you can still get an abscess. She said all it takes is one particle floating in the air to land on the injection site. I take extra care in everything I do and I’m always scared of getting one. I definitely don’t ignore any little knot or pain. Just stay clean and wipe everything down twice if you have too.


Thanks for your input man. Sucks you do everything right and it still happens!
BTW I tried Incline Skull Crushers with KettleBells the other day… :+1: Thanks for suggesting that man! Pain free and I loved the deeper range of motion.


Hell yea glad you liked them. They are awesome and the stretch will really help develop the long head.


3 days of IV antibiotics and pain meds. Everyone who used this gear landed in the ER.