What is a good starting point for first cycle for my wife


Yeah…i dont kno where the overweight part came in but yeah, shes not that. Shes rather thin but wanted to tone up and put on about 5-10lbs of lean muscle mass…but “wanting to” nd actually wanting to do it are 2 completely different things. Ive done all i can to motivate in a positive way and lead by example but all of that is null and void is she cant find her own motivation from within. If shes happy the way she is I support that but personally I feel shes not as happy with herself as she lets on to be (but thats a whole ather story) 8 years with someone you kinda tend to kno all there ins and outs.


well if you don’t have a good idea of who you are with after 8 years … I will say watching someone when they are stressed out is a truer picture of what they will ever present under normal circumstances I wish you both good luck though :wink:


Thank you @KodiakGrrl. Much appreciated. I have a picture perfect idea of who she is and kno her inside and out. I love her no matter what i just wish she could find the drive, motivation, or goals that she wants and go after them. That part i cant do for her but if shes happy then I’m happy. I personally have never been one for settling ir underachieving. I want to reach my full potential not in just one aspect but every aspect in life. But at the end of the day she’s my wife and i will support her regardless.