What comes through my earphones at gym


Haha yodeling seems appropriate.


Lol yep use to be heavy metal but gangster rap past 8 years I figure I’m a og of gear(25 years) so I may as well listen to og rap


Ha ha whatever works, I do throw on some ol dirty bastard sometimes


i’m on the same page as you man. terror, trapped under ice, harms way, xibalba


You forgot Korn Metallica disturbed drowning pool jack white foo fighters lol
I could go on forever music and lifting weights are the only 2 things that keep me sane.
Especially music

I was so mad I had tickets a hotel everything to go see lincoln park live I was so excited. Then the lead singer commited suicide the week before the show I was heartbroken. I will see korn live I don’t care if I have to travel to Europe it will happen. Korn and lincoln park are the only 2 I haven’t seen live.
I can really listen to anything as long as its good music.
From classical like Beethoven or Vaughtner to 90s to 2010 rap
Classic rock from late 50s to early 70s especially some lynard Skinner
I really enjoy Korn,Lincoln park,and Biggie those are my top 3 and I have to mention Outkast.

Just a small quote from the G.A.O.T.

I got 7 mac 11s about 8 38s 9 9s 10 mac 10s the shit never ends. You can’t touch my riches even if you had mc hammer and those 357 bitches.

His version is much better than the way I wrote it lol

Just an extra 10 rules that are really true


Disturbed I really love there hard-core but this just shows how talented they really are

Korn this version is amazing


Lol haha you have me laughing


Definitely not what I pictured either


Thats great brother I really enjoy the real early 90s gansta rap wu tang mobb deep nas BIGGIE then all the death row music dr dre was a musical genius


i forgot" hatebreed" destroy everything .




lol .


what yall think of ice t"s band bodycount?


Wow !!! am lost… I gotta keep it on K-Love…LOL ( for real though)


lol brother


I listen to a bunch of music… but for the most part I listen to NF, Lecrae, tedashi…


I dig some heavy Rock! Metallica, red fang, mastadon etc…