What comes through my earphones at gym


ok guys i start buy saying yes iam an old fart but at moment my fav music is by first blood out of cali
get the shot ,canada
lionheart .
whats yours?


Nothing but techno and house music!


OHHH !!! i love techno and house…can’t do that no more though


How come??


Is hard to explain …but if i must be honest even the use of steroids is questionable for a person in my position…That is why i love so much this forum and all of you


Slipknot, hatebreed, Nirvana, Led Zeppelin


never .with a name like your lol


slipnot yes


@Pastor well you can listen to the music without partaking in the usual parties favors at festivals or raves. We do have fun at those but I listen to the music sober 98% of the time.

@busa I know. Long shot there huh? :wink:


lol my freind .i was labelling you sorry .no offence


Haha no worries brother. As long as ou don’t label me as listening to that radio bs like chai smokers, tiesto, diplo, Martin Garrix, etc. I only listen to the good underground techno not that mainstream bs that has given even a bad name.


i went to goa in the late 80s man ,before the tourism took off i stayed there for 6 months with a fisherman ,smoked weed all the time ,dont get me wrong i enjoyed the techno but i would never go back to that life style ,now i can listen i dont need drugs ,apart from test tren ment g/h shit sorry went of one then lol i woul like to go to azora festival in august hungary ,but think that maybe getting to pop style now ,a shame ,but i know where you are coming from ,p.s the best thing happen to me was my mrs .shes german ,but hates techno ,can have everything ,i settle for the blue eyes and accent ,she my life man ,shit going of on one there ,but i think this site is so comfortable it allows you to just be yourself .well done ug ,and the guys who set it up ,this is a special place .,thank you


Dude Goa trance is intense. I actually used to listen to trance a lot. That’s what got me into the music. Switch to mostly psytrance but now it’s just techno/house for me. I wanna make it to awakenings or time warp In Amsterdam. Or Germany. They have crazy fest.


yes amsterdam .trouble with me is .if you put me in the devils playground i will play ,iam luck my mrs and faith keeps me grounded now ,so i wont be tempted lol


check out that ozora festival on you tube bro see what you think ,the earlier ones are best


I was gonna hit you with a pm but i will do it here…I have no private life what’s so ever and i must maintain a certain conduct, my duties are 24/7; but let me share this with you during last January I spent two days and a half stuck in a bus…BY MYSELF…i had a blast…It was Paul Van Dyke all the way


you can pm me anytime brother i dont know why you have to maintain a certain conduct thats your private affair but i know one thing .lol ,i only answer to the lord ,then my mrs in that order and she is a pastor in her own rite but not practising .you must make time for your self or you will burn out ,god bless


PVD!! Used to listen to a lot of him in my trance days haha


Jay z
Bird man
Lil John
Wu Tang any thing Wu even solo albums
Cypress hill
Hard rap style for me at the gym


Didn’t picture that, coming from a “mountainman”