What are you expecting from your cycle?


And the question is not about stats or measurements, neither numbers…actually am talking about very personal things , wishes and desires, motives, aspirations and hopes. What do you want from the cycle you are on or the one you are planing? …again am not talking about body weight or percentage of body fat or strength or anything biological. For example, me: Am a week away to start a cycle preparation for a show in the division of masters men’s physique. What am I expecting from it? To experience again that wonderful feeling of passion and dedication, am expecting to feel that i CAN’T no more , but i will keep pushing, am expecting to suffer moments of weakness and doubts…knowing that am gonna make it ( thank you Lord for the opportunity), am expecting to be nervous and afraid…knowing that am gonna make it ( i can do all thing thru Christ Jesus)…I wanna do this so badly am ready for the challenge…my heart is on fire ready to start preparing…After checking the competitors in my division from the particular show i will do, i can honestly say that it will be very difficult…is a national qualifier…But…am expecting to win.
What are you expecting from your cycle?
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To be very honest as I have matured I have no expectations of any cycle or supplement. I simply set a goal and apply the appropriate method to achieve that goal. I then accept everything that comes from the amount of effort in planning, timing, dieting and supplementation with complete contentment… Never satisfied… but content. :wink:

I am not in this like some to compete on a stage so my mindset can be a bit different but I certainly compete against myself each and every time I decide to do anything. I might be my own worst critic but I expect nothing but the very best from myself… I deserve it! :v: