What Anabolics Will You Never Cycle Again?


…just curious as to what anabolics/hormone you guys will never include into a cycle again and why?


Orals for me no can do make me feel like shit too toxic and honestly havent missed them


Masteron… love how it hardens you and acts as an anti estro…but absolutely shreds my hair… so I stay away for vanity purposes! But a great compound if hair isn’t a concern!


Tren… I really enjoyed it but honestly I was a totally different person on it.


Completely understand this reason…superdrol, adrol,…make feel so lethargic and weak.


Adrol kills me. Ill never do dnp again. I liked it when younger now just miserable on it.


I had bad experience with methylated substances before oral and injectable…I feel achy and lethargic


Anadrol… maybe in the future I might try the injectable version but the oral after just 2 weeks, killed my appetite, sex drive, and overall made me feel like shit. Not good for a fighter, especially a fighter trying to gain weight, move up weight classes or a guy who doesn’t mind going a few rounds in the sheets on a nightly basis if possible if you Kno what I mean. Not quite the compound I thought it would be. While it may do wonders for some the oral version… definitely not for me.


I agree. The stuff works very well but sides are killer.


I 110% feel you on that


So I really believe all anabolics have their place and need to be tailored correctly to each individual. To detail, I feel that you really have to experiment with these compounds as I personally have had effects from certain things that not many people can relate too on the forums. However, in general I will say I try not to run orals and if so I will try different cycle theories. These theories aren’t the typical shit you see on forums, but some vets discuss it at my local gym. For example, one of the vets at my gym swears by using adrol at 25mg 3x per day. however, he uses it 3 days on, two off, 3 on, 3 off. With this rotation he says he avoids all the negative sides but still reaps the rewards of crazy strength gains and fullness. Tren is another one I will probably try not to run as often but damn I love it. I just get bad acne and a bad temper. I might look into doing short bursts of tren ace if I run it again. Anyways, my point to this long post is to encourage people to not completely discount a specific compound if you saw benefits. Maybe try running at lower dose or cycling it differently. My first experience with Deca was terrible because I ran it as a primary anabolic in a cycle at way too high of a dose. Now I love throwing it in almost every cycle at around 200mg/week for the joint lubrication.


Yep, Anadrol and Tren for me… Just felt like shit on Anadrol. Tren on even a low dose gave me a full blown panic attack walking into the gym and I’ve never had anxiety. A least I was smart enough to run ace. On the other hand I feel invincible on Dbol…


Really nice post brotha i like it!!


Tren turns me into an anxious sleep deprived raging asshole! But goddamn i look fkn goooood doing it lol


I no longer include orals in my mix. I can’t say I will ‘never’ use them again but that is the plan.


Hmm not sure I could say I’ll never run any compounds besides winstrol. I will instead say that I will limit how often I use tren, adrol, and orals in general. I