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Glad to have you at UGMUSLE.COM


I’m new here, I’m not that computer savvy to start with and I can’t find the page to order anything and I don’t know how to set up payment…




First and foremost how are you Jimmy?

Great question and let me start off my saying always ask a rep on how and where to go, you did the right thing…By doing so you can avoid getting scammed by a non sponsor/ rouge screen name…

Our sales site is located at PuritySource.labs.ru

we have a banner up top along side of all of the other solid and amazing sponsors of this fine community…In the banner/bulletin on the top of the page, that is where MOST of the sponsors are located, along with ourselves…

How to register:: Once you click on our banner/hyper link you will see an opening page, and like most web hosts there will be a registration on the far right corner. Do not use yahoo, outlook, hush mail, aol or providers like that… I would suggest using tutanota.com as your email carrier…

once you register, check all folders, including spam and you will have a hyper link like most online registration fields have… Click it and log in… You will now have a fully fictional account with us, on this account you will get updates,tracking, sales info, mass spec tests, and most of all you can read news and articles writen by myself or other staff members… It’s our way to better educate our clients by providing them with the service and education that the need and deserve at your one-stop and shop online store Puritysourceslabs.ru

Is there anything else that i can assist you with today?


Thank you my brother…I will touch base with you shortly. I appreciate you looking out…


URL doesnt work, looks like its not registered to anyone.



That’s the correct address he typed it incorrectly @Vision