Warning! Janoshik Janoshik.com and Analyzer are the SAME group.Do Not Send Items for Testing


After the recent busts of Analyzer, Peter Horvath, and information on Janoshik coming up that he consistently was lying to people online, a few others have come forward with information on what was sent to whom and where.

Both these “sources” that were assumed connected in some way prior are actually the same source. It is not one person but multiple people from the same university. Not all chemists as Peter was but one still is.

The main problem for these people is they used the same real names of people at the university to receive products to.

They had the ability to test everything properly thru the university but they did not with everyone. Either way if you are sending them a sample be careful as to not put your real information listed as they have absolutely zero regard to opsec accepting packages to the University housing building and in real names.

These were some promising college kids (a couple of them anyway and an idiot on the side) and were not always honest with the community. While Peter Horvath was busted the others still remain but using the same tactics as before. For now I will leave it at this and will share the information with only a few people for verification but not public.


Information has been collected and seen. It will be sent to a few trusted people on the board for confirmation. As of now NO releases of the names of others involved. Going back to new info received and info from the old thread they have been lying to the community for some time while putting people at risk if anything was ever sent from a real name- source sending in items for sampling.


This whole thing is crazy. Evidence certainly looks to be there.


Acutally this explains now and they people involved. Times when Janoshik name steps up and Analyzer down and vice versa. Unfortunately they lied to many people in the communities for many years and honestly were complete assholes on the boards to people.