Want to thank BIGMURPH for the invite


Been roaming around the site - very well put together. BIGMURPH I appreciate the invite.

I have been in the bodybuilding arena a bit over 40 years. I have close to 30 shows under my belt. Done a great deal of coaching for the last 20 years. I am an old school lifter hanging around an ingenious young hard working crowd. So much has changed in the industry and those who still feel the old school ways were the best - think again. Without doubt!! - old schools practices are common today, but the sport has truly changed. From lifting, nutrition, dieting, supplements and others have taught masses of information about bodybuilding today and how far it has come.





Welcome to the family brother . @Bigmurph is a good man . I walked away from the other forums because of his kindness and @TrenGod knowledge is top knotch .


Welcome aboard brotha, glad to have you here!


I first want to say thanks for accepting the invitation a man of your knowledge and experience is definitely welcomed to ugmuscle.com by everyone and im glad to see your introduction.
As always if you ever need anything just let me know and I hope that you like the site and stick around alot of interesting things coming in 2019 ive hot a bunch happening right now and were going to need to have a contest soon.
Welcome to the community brother hit me up anytime


Thank you all for the great reception. BIGMURPH as I have written a few minutes ago on a different site is an man of high integrity. This will be a place that I will visit often. If I can help with your 2019 events, please allow me the opportunity. I would be honored.



Welcome bro


Great to be here PHD - BIGMURPH gave me an appreciable overview of your endeavors. I wish you the very best in reaching all the goals you have ahead of you. I will look around UG to see if you have any pics posted. Would be honored to see your conditioning on stage.


Welcome, awesome! Maybe you could decipher some of my posts.:muscle:


Welcome! Looking forward to picking your brain lol


LOL - I will give it my best.


I’ve made it to 48! Just got over thinking I could turn pro and have a long pro career😭…so the 7-year offseason was for nothing!


Welcome bro. Glad to have you around! If need anything let me know!


Welcome to the board brotha, glad to have you with us



Welcome my brother


Welcome to the board.


Welcome brother. I’m sure as you post I’ll be all ears, well eyes.


Nothing wrong with thinking of the possibilities of becoming a pro. Hell you are not alone - I honestly think that most who enter the bodybuilding arena always give turning pro much thought. If we wouldn’t we would not have memories of some of the many greats that have inspired us in the many things we do. I am not getting 7 years off season :thinking: Did you go without getting on stage for 7 years?


Thank you - Great staff - Great members here!