Want a free cycle? Check this out


Ok so one of our sponsors wants to giveaway a cycle. That’s right not 3 vials they will cover your cycle.
If you’re interested in this there are a couple of things that come along with this deal.
You will be required to keep a log of your cycle. I would think that atleast 3 days a week minimum to keep us updated.
Blood work is requested and sense you are getting the cycle for free I don’t believe that the cost of blood work should be an issue.
The cycle that you choose is completely up to you. This sponsor just asks that you keep a solid honest review and get blood work.
I see this as a great deal for someone. I would have taken this offer myself but im not allowed to take free gear from any sponsor.
If you have an interest in this offer please post here what cycle you would run and if you are able to keep your end of the bargain.

I have tagged you guys because of your activity. Just because you are not on the list below doesn’t mean that you can’t get this opportunity. Im going to basically be taking applications from anyone interested.
In your application please include your cycle that you would run and why you believe that you are the best choice. I will be picking the best application as the member to receive this opportunity.

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Awesome… what a great opportunity, good luck guys! Good way to get a few more logs going also.


Thats a pretty bad ass deal!!!


Nice! Always like to see some honest reviews!


I’m game! I sent a message BM


I’d love to put someone out of business with my gross abuse of AAS. What’s the application? I’d like to have the community suggest a responsible cycle they would like to see. I just keep finding things appearing in my lockbox…saying “add me”


Define “responsible”…


TG you better get ready for a lengthy response on that one! Pretty sure @rnmuscle just turned his text to speech feature on!




I don’t know…short and to the point.


Awesome and mutually beneficial to both the sponsor and member. Definitely a serious commitment that requires dedication and time.
I’ll definitely consider it and reply accordingly. Thanks for considering me @Bigmurph.


I would be interested I am half way through tmy first cycle. I plan on taking at least 16 weeks off. Would this be a problem… I am correcting running tes c and eq… I am thinking about running tes with npp or deca… I will actually start gh soon as it arrives tomorrow hopefully. Plan on running it for at least 6 months and maybe longer… I am going to start out the first month 2 units then up it to 4 and maybe more if the sides aren’t bad… but I would be more than glad to log it and keep everything honest.


So what are we looking for here? Since we are not running a clinical trial…it should be…everything in stock. Test, tren , mast and anadrol…then after a month or 5 weeks switch to npp , pro viron, some Sustanon or test and T bol. Whatever they have then you get the good results and see the damage. Let’s do something progressive :skull::skull::skull::sheep::sheep::wolf:


Sweet deal bro!


Dude this is perfect, looking to start a cycle shortly. Wanted to run Test P, Tren A, and Anavar or even Masteron. Finally settled in after my move and was planning to log my next cycle, thanks to @fitraver for inspiring that choice. Will be blood work ran right before the cycle, during, and after.

Right now I fluctuate between 220-225 at 11-12%, standing 6’. I have experience using each product that I listed for my upcoming cycle. My goal with the cycle would be to continue building lean muscle mass while maintaining current body fat or even dropping a bit as I have done in the past with Tren. With this cycle I will be running a keto diet with the help of other members on the board who are very knowledgeable on the topic such as @SemperFi.

Cycle outline:

Test P- Weeks 1-10 ( 50mg EOD)
Tren A- Weeks 1-8 ( 75-100mg EOD: this has proven to be my sweet spot in the past)
Mast P- Weeks 1-8 ( 100mg EOD)

After this cycle I will switch to NPP for a bit of a lean bulk before deciding whether or not I will be stepping on stage. If all goes well I will be competing in the classic physique division.

I believe that I would be a great choice because of my knowledge and experience with the products I am choosing. Also because I will be blatantly honest about the product and results with in reason of course. This will make for a fun log, let’s get this going!


That’s me. Mr motivation :tipping_hand_man:t3:


My vote is mast over var.


Wow what an amazing opportunity! Thank you so much for considering me @Bigmurph! Unfortunately I don’t think I would be able to participate as much as I would like too. Long story short my wife and I just had a beautiful baby boy. I want to be the best dad that I could be. But don’t get me wrong fellas I’m putting together my next cycle and will keep somewhat of a log with the community, that way I could get some constructive criticism on what I need to work on, change and so on… Keep posted as I should begin this beginning to mid December. Anyways good luck to ya fellas, I’ll def be following!


Congrats on the new family member @Raphael3636. I hope everyone is doing well!


Congrats bro that’s awesome!! How’s that sleep?