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Nice gear on top of nice counter tops lol


Being a new sponsor here a UGM it will take some time to establish our brand, build trust and credibility with its community. We are excitedly waiting for everyone at UGM who choses our products to help align with their fitness goals to provide their honest feedback on us, but in the meantime wanted to share some shout outs we’ve received from another board where we have earned that credibility, thanks!


Thats my boy right there irongame that dude is extremely knowledgeable and has helped me alot through my journey.
I’m going to contact him and ask him about what he thinks about United he is a member here also


The tren e went in smooth as warm butter. No pip the tren ace at 50mg had me raging :triumph: in the gym. A tad pip but for 5 min or so amazing gear def recommend those counter tops were exspensive


Very excited to get my order in.

UNITED GEAR: $20 Testosterone & 30% off

Bro I’ve pinned the tren a and super smooth like butter.


@Mrbell87 Greatly appreciate the feedback big dog, hope to have to check in as things progress, thanks! - UNITED

Prior service marine, new here
UNITED GEAR: $20 Testosterone & 30% off
UNITED GEAR: New Products Coming Jan. 22nd

I was, kid you not, browsing sources for some good deals 15 minutes ago.
Between that time and now I ordered and confirmed over 10 vials of juice from UNITED.
This dude has better customer service than Amazon, along with insane prices.
Ya ya this sounds like I’m on his dick but this dude is for fuckin real.
I’ll come back with more feedback when I get the order.


It was kind of romantic… lol :joy::rofl:


Hey just wanted to throw some props out there for United. Just placed my order this week and must say the support and dialogue was incredible, to include the learning aspect as to what “CIM” stood for (LOL). Anyways, super responsive and worked with me hands down with the crazy BC fluctuation. Thanks again for the amazing support and will definitely be a regular. Most appreciative brother!!


Appreciate the post and feedback brother! Thank you for choosing UNITED GEAR products to align with your fitness goals. - UNITED

Injectable Anadrol Constant Pump

Awesome communication and very very quick respond time. And has done every single thing he said he would. Mad respect for them


Appreciate the feedback brother! Thank you for choosing our products to help reach your goals!

Who else trained today?

Hows everyones product treating them?!


I’m on week 4 with the tren and test steadily gains in the gym. Love the gear. I want a big fan of the thought of pinning everyday. But it works great. Tren flows super smooth. No bad sides. I take adex e4d keeps me lvl. Again I highly enjoy the gear. Nice clean gear


Awesome to hear bro! @Mrbell87

Your passing the week 4 hump, now its all climaxing from here!!!


This is my last week with the tren ace I was doing 50mg ed for the first 4 weeks till the tren e kicks in. After this blast I’m gunna cruise for a few then cut for summer. I’m sitting at 205 10.5 bf. I really need to eat more. That’s my biggest issue is food


Don’t force feed. I never have “eaten enough”, but when I stuffed down shakes, even tuna and fruit punch blended… 3 tuna and 16 oz sugar fruit punch! 25 years ago but
… I always looked better when I didn’t try 400 g protein, 8 meals… Positive nitrogen balance can be maintained ten you’ll get more muscular even if the scale doesn’t move.


Wouldn’t know how the product is. You never sent it after I won the promo


Will be introducing UNITED GEAR rep next week, some of you might be familiar with him @Mountain-man the guy has 24 years around the board and very respected in the community with an amazing track recorded of being a credible, honorable guy that will go above and beyond to help anyone out.