Verified src UNITED GEAR


Yea it’s definitely manageable…very smooth and almost no pain. It worked well with a half ml e3d plus the other gear. I’ve used some painful shit in the past and this is NOTHING like it .


Fuckin awesome. May be trying some soon myself :wink: keep smashing.


Cmon @Fitraver pull the trigger bro you will love it!


best gear out there…UG you the man brother


We appreciate that my bro thank you for the kind words and for being a loyal customer :facepunch:t2:


It’s in the works brother. Gunna be runnin your t400/eq combo then adding mast p halfway and switching to test p :wink:


Thats a fantastic combo bro you are gonna enjoy it!! United makes damn good products :wink:


So @united are you back at full capacity now? I can’t find an updated price list so just wanted to check in


Hey brother yes we are, all sponsors send price lists now, just shoot me an email for an updated one. Thx.


Had a touchdown last week or so… Had a two day turn around, even a small hiccup in the order contents but quickly fixed the issue at hand.

Thumbs up for United. Have been on the gear for a while now and seems to pin clean with solid results, cant ask for much more than that.


Thanks for the feedback big dog.


Good job @UNITED glad to see you making people happy and excited about your hard work!


I’m currently on UG test p 200. Thw stuff is pure fire. The smell alone was enough to convince me


If I went by smell to determine what I was going to inject into my body then my choice would be maple syrup. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

UG must be using some guaiacol in his prop.


His test p as well as test cyp are top notch. Great all around


Do you have any blood work you could share to support your personal assessment? I am not questioning your assessment @Mhelter just hoping for more proof for everyone’s benefit.


I don’t unfortunately. I switched from another source to him about a month back. I’ll probably be running labs in a month or two


Just wanted to give a shout out United on promo test pack landing today. As always it’s great Communication , ordering process and fast delivery.

Also would like to think Mountain man for the help and answering questions I may had with the process.

United and his Sponsors are great guys as with everyone else in the Community at UGMUSCLE !!


United comes threw once again. I got my package very quickly and can not wait to get home late late tonight to try out my new test keep it up @UNITED


Thanks for the feedback brother.