Unpopular opinions... time to get bigger and leaner


Well… as promised… at 250lbs… thats a total of 85lb loss btw… okay… okay sooo 251 and 84 lost… but the scale also said 25% bmi… blame under armour if they put out products that lie. Sooo i was going to hop on the ole… test and drol off the rip for about 4-6 weeks followed up by 4-6 weeks of test and tren and along the way take arimidex… followed by nolva and clomid. Such was the goal… but with the hiccup of some snow globe drol we shall just start with some test C for 4 weeks if i get something to replace the drol add that on for the second 4 weeks… followed by test and tren for the last 4… this may all change… provided something is just working better than i expected or if i feel that yeah ill step on the gas a little harder… ill just move forward. All products being used have been purchased through @paramexer ! On that note… all criticism is tolerable… advice taken into consideration… products will be reviewed by results of progress or no results at all… i will be judge, jury, and provide a verdict :wink:. I know somewhere around here someone is going to say… WTF are you doing… are you stupid?.. and you’re exactly what people shouldn’t be doing! These things… may be true, but i have been very successful in many things especially lately. Its been a while since ive posted, but I’ve been pretty busy… and now im ready to hear everything!


Outstanding progress so far and I see real progress compared to your earlier pics!!!

You are your own man bro. Just understand the higher your BF% the more estrogen conversion you may experience.

Although I think you could and should do more to reach a specific fitness level before taking steroids I support your goals and am here to encourage and/or help where possible. Stay the course bro and keep making positive progress!

Don’t take a shotgun approach to your cycle. Have a specific plan of action and make small adjustments as needed.


You’ve made some amazing progress already and 81lbs down is no easy task bro. I commend you for the motivation and dedication it takes to cut that much weight. Maintain your nutrition and keep up on a solid program and you’ll continue to make great progress.

On the other side though, I think the Drol is a bad call man. For your intended goals, it just doesn’t make sense right now. If you’re hellhound on running a cycle I’d run just the Test/Tren combo and your calories around 2,500 keeping carbs low around 15% and adjust as the weight and body fat come down. Cardio and moderate weight high volume should be the goal for your fitness plan.


Now thats some shit i like to hear!


@SemperFi is right about the cycle plan too. Don’t just wing it.

If you’ve never used Tren before, a little goes a long way bro. I personally can’t run more than 300mg a week for about 4 weeks before I have to drop it.


Oh… i didn’t plan on running anything high… not in that ballgame yet lol.


Honestly you could probably get away with 400 test and 200 tren and make some awesome changes in your body.


Awsome progress brotha!


Hell yea bro awesome job keep it up.


At other forums you would get attacked but at ugmuscle.com your not going to get attacked for making achievements and using AAS responsibly.
Go for it brother.
Great job so far keep going and keep killing it.
Will be here to support and help along the way.


This is probably the best response/ answer that somebody could get…we come to a forum looking for help, guidance, respect… this answer is what people need to be motivated


Goals… well in this whole weight loss ordeal my bench went straight to shit… i went from being able to bench 8x275 and at least knowing i could bench 295… (theres a rod and 12 screws on/in my right humorous) and now im fighting with 225. Benching isnt the only thing i used to do… its just usually how ppl measure their strength i suppose. I also use to deadlift a bit over 500lbs and squat a tad over 450lbs… i havnt tested the waters in the past few days as that workout area is currently cold as fuck… Im fairly certain it will be a quick comeback. From those who’ve read previous post know ive cut the majority of the weight i had from keto. Well sunday i pinned Test C 200mg and Tren E 200mg one unit of each… there was a whole lost of rubbing alcohol involved… and in retrospect i probably shouldn’t have pulled it all into one barrel, but i did. Jabbed that sumbish right into the quad… thought nothing of it and carried on. X-mas eve when i wake up felt like day 2 after a good workout right where i pinned. At 3am i decided its a good time to shave, shower, and go to the gym. Cardio was feeling good like when i used to run an hour long. The weights felt like shit, and the manager at the gym had this weird im trying to ruin everyones day vibe to her. Didnt leave in the best mood. (My attitude in return wasn’t from the gear). I know with shit that ive used in the past i had 2 different outcomes… i could be normal, cool, calm, and collective and felt god like. Which was my first run of it. My second run was a bit different i had already felt unstoppable like i was capable of wrecking everything with my bare hands and i really really fucking hated people mainly people that seemed ignorant. I even had to keep my best of friends at a distance. To shorten this up a bit currently i feel no different other than gym soreness. I added carbs back to the diet but literally like one cup of uncooked brown rice added to 5lbs of beef… one cup of uncooked oatmeal for breakfast… only unexpected carb was sweet potato but i said fuck it… holiday feast eat that shit. I currently have a fear of carbs just because id like to stay the course. So im going to moderate it like a mofo. Any advice if that sounds good? Add more or take in less? I know we’re or the majority of us are here to shape our bodies a certain way… most of ya want to be shredded and i dont hate on that… but found a few pictures that i was like… well looks like goals to me. I know everyone knows Rich Piana some may not know Dave Crossland… but those are pretty much both the extremes id like to get close to.


You can cut on drol just as good as any if not better. Super anti catabolic and very anabolic in number a practical use.

We need to get rid of idea of cutting steroids and bulking steroids. Yes, you’ll look better on winny because of the effects of hardening you up and drying you out, but it’s not actually making you lose fat.

Yes you can bulk on dbol because it adds water weight, but its not all muscle which is what we want.

Tren is actually proven practically for losing body fat, yes it’s harsh but most people can attest to how you can eat soooo much on it and shred body fat.

Anavar is scientifically proven to target belly fat if i’m not wrong.

We really need to redefine and relearn how steroids work for our goals.

Masteron vs. Primo during cruise?

I love thinking outside of the cookie cutter I really like discussion of using gear outside of the cookie cutter.
You have to always keep an open mind in my opinion to make progress and move forward to learn new things.