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Hey Bros, ordered some sust and Tren A from United and pack came very quick. Had hiccups on my end with payment and United worked with me don’t wanna get into too much detail but he hooked it up. Haven’t tried anything yet, but they all look good, Tren A looks lighter than the dark orange old school Tren I’m used to; but I’ve had similar Color Tren work just fine. I know it’s all how long it’s heated but I miss that do dark orange tren lol. Sides are horrible but man does it make me look crazy. Anyways back to United; excellent communication, service, and presentation. Will def follow up on quality. Thanks United


Good to see ou back on here bro. Their stuff is lookin good. Def can’t wait for your feedback.


good lab !!! :+1::+1::+1:


Thanks for the kind words brother! Yeah our tren isnt as dark as the traditional dark orange many of us know and youre right its related to applying heat to dissolve it in the solvent, we dont heat ours period, I’ve never really gotten a straight answer on heating tren some say dont some say its fine, just alot of bro science floating around on it. Regardless this way we know we didnt in anyway negatively impact the compound :slight_smile: Just takes a little longer to dissolve and filter for us is all.

Keep us updated on your progress bro! Thank you for choosing UNITED GEAR to align with your fitness goals. - UNITED

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Wats up Fit? Yeah I’ve been spectating a bit lately; haven’t had time to write much, but hopefully I’ll start getting more active on here. Glad to see you here brother. How’s the bulk been goin?


Yeah it seems to be more common now to not heat it; last couple places I’ve got some all have that golden color; but it still does the trick and that’s all that matters.


The bulk has come to an end. Reached 215 from 180 over about 28 weeks. Now cruising and maintaining for my next cut. Hoping to keep 190 abs be about 7%. I’m so sick of eating and eat fluffier than I like being haha. I need to figure out who and what ima run. How soon youbstarting this? What all did you grab?


Yeah I hear that brother. I really hate the extra fluff when bulking up; I gain weight a lot easier than I lose fat which is why I don’t venture past the 12-15% bf range. If it starts to creep higher I maintain my weight for a lil while then cut back down. I’m still finishing up my winter bulk so I won’t hit another cycle til late March. I picked up some sust and Tren A from United; Going to do a test, tren, mast cycle this summer. I love this combo. Might be my last run with tren tho, just too hard on the body.


Ever ran tren myself. Thinking I may do test and mast with an oral and possibly some bold cyp or ace if I can find it. Don’t wanna run a 16+ seeker for eq.


I’m using tren a tren e and test e from United. You will love their tren a I’m only doing 50mg it feels wonderful in the gym


In fact, lighter color tren powder / oil is also pure products, it is new decolorization process when producing the powder.