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I’m at the tail end of my cycle just finished week 11 of 14. I’ve been running @United Gear Sust 250 and E/Q 300. I started at 500mg of Sust per week and worked up to 1000mg per week. I’ve been running the EQ at 600mg per week. Also included is Proviron 25mg per day and Nolva 20mg EOD. No other AI used. The Proviron and Nolva were from Iron Junkie Batch 103. So the TL:DR, Test Levels (4417) and Estro (97)


Those are good Total T numbers for the Sust. Get that E2 in check bro. I like to keep mine in the mid 20’s or at the very least below 30. FYI- The provi could have been proven if you had a baseline SHBG and Free T % to go by to compare this lastest lab work to.

Thanks for taking the time, spending your hard earned money and then sharing this with the community @siglo69. Greatly appreciated!


I have aromasin on hand and will begin taking that tonight. Any recommendations for dosages?


Because you already have high estrogen I would take my first dose at 25mg and then 12.5mg EOD or E3D. You are coming to cycle conclusion so you just want to bring it down as you move into PCT or TRT.


Dont crash your estrogen either. When I’ve done that I got bad anxiety


Thanks for posting brotha!


Thanks for posting your results brother.

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