UNITED GEAR: Blood Work Results 250mg/Week


Here are blood results from customer running TRT dose of 250mgs/week.

*side note, I want to start seeing UGM members blood results and more than likely will offer store credit in the near future for those willing to participate.

@Bigmurph if you approve I will add original link of this post, its tied to another board.


Is that saying his number was 1500? Sorry not used to see a test like that and wasn’t sure what the number was. If so, that’s perfecto at 250mg. I think store credit is a great idea for bloods. More people should be doing them.


Im good with that you can add the link or copy and paste from other forum here.


Hey boss, yeah its 1500, the guy who posted it said the specific lab or test he did had a cap… Im guessing that cap is 1500, like you said even # 1500 is unusual! I screen shotted original post below.


Very solid number.