Uncle naps delivered some goodies


I received my 4x test cyp promo from naps. I thought they were sending biomex they sent dragon pharma with boxes im actually happy I’ve been wanting to try dragon oils.
I also got a box of modafinil its sun pharma modalert 200mgs
I also got 60 amps of bm pharmaceutical prominate which is there primo 100mg/ml.

Couldn’t be happier thanks for the free test cyp napsgear.org




looks very nice :slight_smile: thats eye candy to me. .


I always get like a kid opening a gift when a pac arrives


Oh my :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:I’m mesmerized!


How / what for do you plan on using the modalert? Just curious bc I’ve heard people successfully use it off-label for purposes it was not designed for.

It’s an amazing drug for deferring sleep and still retaining normal cognitive functioning. I miss using it. I could get by on 3 hrs of sleep a night for a 5-6 consecutive nights.

I found it very useful during grad school but then had to stop using it forever after having a severe case of Stevens Johnson syndrome triggered by it (likelihood is less than .1% but I happened to be the unlucky bastard:frowning:


I actually use it for work at my job we have no schedule so I might work 20hrs straight i might work 14hrs go home for 2hrs then work another 6hrs then be back in the morning 4 hrs later to do it all over again.
So for those long days with little to no sleep its a great compound.
Non narcotic it doesn’t give you any type of high it just keeps you going. It does also help me get my workout in on crazy days.


I used to take modafinil in law school. Pretty easy going stuff but i have to say it put me in a pretty good mood too


@Bigmurph…I’m soooo jealous… I’m gonna have to hire a surrogate. I can’t get anything from abroad. It almost looks as if I’m flagged. Even my order from SBL is sitting at LA , no update. My last ug freak…taken, naps and parmacom I’m even thinking no way. I guess in the long run domestic is great on Ugm, but I used to like the selection, etc at a couple international. If you have a suggestion pm me. I’d appreciate it.