UGM new onion address. Accessible via Tor Browser


Hey everyone. In the recent light of new EU laws and security in general. I have added an onion address to access the site via tor. Now you dont have to worry about cloudflare locking it up over tor browser.

If you need to download the browser go here:

Then visit the site here:

Updated site:



@TrenGod I downloaded, installed and configured all on my own! Even an Ol’ Dog can learn a new trick!


lol yeah its simple with tor browser. I even tested mobile on orfox but a bit slower but still works.


I am sure a prostrate exam is simple for an experienced physician. That doesn’t mean I am going to go out and practice giving one. :wink: But this was simple even for me.


Just remember what your feeling for.


Lol c’mon @SemperFi we all know you love playing with asses!!


Great job as always @TrenGod you truly are a God of tech!!


Updated custom site address


Is this something that needs to be done on mobile phones also or just home computers?


Nevermind I think I answered my own question!


Its really slower then just using a vpn and keeping it on mobile. I recommend vpn for mobile but if we start geoblocking europe then people there need a vpn or tor.


Yeah that orfox is crazy slow on mobile… i’l keep working on this though! Thanks man