Trenbolone brewing methods


Not really sure what category this should be in. I was wondering how many sources actually brew their tren from finaplix versus raw powder from China or somewhere else.
If no source cares to share this information, I completely understand. Either way I’d love to hear your experiences with both and what you prefer or if it makes that much of a difference. Anyone feel free to chime in, whether you’re a source or not. Especially interested in hearing from @TrenGod himself

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I’ve always wondered this as well


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Thanks bro @SemperFi, I guess I should edit this post a bit. Since I’d also like to hear from members about their experiences with both.


I don’t believe that finaplex is available anymore. I might be wrong but I believe that its been banned worldwide because of positive drug tests by athletic commities from food that was tainted.
I know that they stopped using clenbuterol supposedly also because of tainted food and health risks but to enforce it worldwide I doubt it is actually being done.
Im curious about this myself


I know they still sell Finaplix-H for cattle, at vet supply stores and such.


That’s interesting I thought it was gone ohh
I forgot they add a huge amount of progesterone or estrogen or something else to the formula now.
I believe that I read its a different formula.


Oh wow, that’s interesting. Makes sense though.


Im not positive but I do believe that I read about it


About Revalor®-IH: Revalor®-IH is an implant containing 80mg of trenbolone acetate and 8mg estradiol.This original implant is intended for use as an initial implant in a re-implant stragegy for heifers fed in confinement for more than 130 days.

There it is they added a bunch of estrogen to it


No thanks to extra estrogen!!!


Last I saw the were called component T - H pellets, and all you had to do was remove the little blue pill! Cant seem to find them anymore!!!


they started adding hormones(estrogen) to the finaplix …oh I think seven or eight years ago … you can’t separate it either


what was that little blue pill at the end of the row with all the other pellets?


Thanks for the response!


Im about to brew up 60ml of TREN E @ 75mg/Ml first time brewind long time lab rat.


Good luck bro… keep us updated on your progress with that!