Tren tren tren tren train


Ok question , I love tren tren is God. It’s my first time using it , but my issue is this , I get no real sides , other than hostile AF and want to bang the lady every second of every minute of every hour , but the issue is it’s gonna be hard to come off , I mean I know I have to but what is the longest I can safely , I use that word loosley , stay on it ? It’s transformed my body rapidly and my strength is still climbing so any feedback would be great . Thanks


What is the dosage? ace or enanthate?. Ace, probably 6 weeks; enanthate, probably 12 weeks. If it is your first go small and easy and get your blood work t=done so you dont have to guess around.
Will you kindly allow me one observation: you mention hostility as a side…is not that a matter of concern?


Nah I can control it , I just know I’m more angry and I take it out on the weights . It’s tren ace 70 eod I’m on 200 mg test cyp test replacement therapy and 50iu of hcg and the cyponate has aromatase added to it .


That looks good and humble in my opinion. The only time I did tren it was ace and did 50 mg EOD after 3 weeks I was done , could not sleep. If you handle it well then you are okay, don’t stretch it out too long without blood work


Thank you brother. I’m going 8 weeks then back to trt only for like 8 weeks then tren 8 weeks . Maybe. I’ll be on trt forever so yeah.


I see you are wise and coutious


And I don’t see why you couldn’t cycle back again. God bless you


Yeah I had one night if no sleep , reminded me of my drug days half awake half asleep. I don’t sleep as long as I used to, I maybe get 1 how less sleep on tren, but what’s an hour. I know this shit makes me feel alive and lots of energy. God bless u also .


I am not running tren at the moment I just stopped a 6 week run of it, but in general I feel the same when it comes to the things that are messing with my sleep are the same things that are keeping my wide awake and energized throughout the day


You need to do regular blood work. Tren can really wreck your lipids fast, as I found out on my last blood test.


I would be overly cautious running Tren long term or too often. The reality it is not designed for human use and without long term studies we could be opening the door for a heavy price to pay in the future.

There are many unpublished papers concerning the possibility of negative psychological effects that are pretty scary.

There is no doubt that Tren is effective in so many ways but we need to be responsible and not paint a rose garden of it because it does have a heavy short term price for many.

Enjoy it buddy and make the most of it. I hope you only have a good experience using it.


X2 great advice!