Thoughts on Training barefoot


Someone shot me a question about training. Question was in regards to training barefoot. Actually i always loved training barefoot but there is a time and place for it.

My old gym had a problem with it but i got around the “shoes policy” wearing black socks. Then when late at night just slip my shoes off.

For some exercises it gave me better control. Obviously it took some time working up to stablizing with heavier weights. Arnold used to train barefoot along with alot of guys in old days. Ken Waller, Surge Nubret.



Some people in recent years cant handle it or dont like it. Maybe its an ego thing cause you cant lift as heavy with weak feet and no ankle support.

Thinking back on the great workouts i had like this make me want to go back to doing this a couple times a week again.

Anyone try it or have experience with it as well?


It was alot more common in the old era then today.

But gotta say i enjoy it when i can


If you have healthy, well conformed feet…why not. I heve severe flat feet, had a bad lumbar hiperlordosis during my teens. I wear orthopedic insoles


Yeah i can see the medical side of it. But theres really some shit articles out there from people bashing it saying its nothing more then a marketing fad by the companies that put out those toe shoes.

I think its great once in awhile but within reason.


I agree is a great feeling , specially on the tatami


helloooo… did someone say Tatami? lol

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I bought Otonomix bbing shoes that mimic barefoot training so closely you think you are barefoot. They are $130 a pair but well worth the money doing legs in them is unbelievable completely shocked me how much a difference i can feel in firing of my quads and hamstrings wont ever train legs or calves without them ever again


If you get a chance bro let me know what model you got. I want to buy some and try it out.



Shit you got every model lol


Told you i fkn love them plus got enough colors to match all my under armour tights and shorts :grin:


I love you Pastor you are by far one of my favorite people you have personality and style like no other! You always put a huge smile on my face brotha :blue_heart:


And i love you more


I have trained for years barefoot. Not just weight training but anything that requires stability. I am not sure how or why I started doing this but it just feels so natural. I think it was just a natural progression from my early days studying martial arts. I believe proper foot wear has a great place and is needed In many aspects of weight training but I use them as little as possible. I have never been overly strong or a huge PR chaser so I have yet to see the need for additional arch or ankle support.

Call me a weak beast but I look great naked. :wink: