This is a great place


Am still new here and came invited by a good friend who i got to know in another forum. When he told me about this forum i made a mistake and went some where else. When i made my first post some of then asked in a very aggressive manner: who are you…so i elaborated a kind answer and said that i wanted to learn cause all i knew when i was young and competing was 2 shots of sustenon and little winstrol right before the shows (level 3-4; light weight…never won an overall). 2 of them said i was a liar, that nobody can compete on 2 shots of sustenon… I offered my testimony: that i was also a drug-addict, always broke, always in and out of shelters and rehabs…They called me all kinds of names. Eventually the senior administrator apologized to me for their behavior, asked me to stick around and also deleted all the antagonizing answers. Yesterday i posted on Islandswole topic about TNE and the response was great , friendly and kind. This is a great place


Thanks bro. I think our members are much higher then the people you see on some forums. We don’t tolerate bs here. There’s good and bad people on forums but we do a good job of weeding out the piss.


I like that @TrenGod “weeding out the piss”


Glad you’re liking it brother. Great folks here.


I’m glad to be able to interact freely on these forums with people from all different walks of life, UGM is definitely a welcoming place but at the same time they don’t take any unnecessary bs. Definitely a good place.


Welcome happy to have u onboard


When I read that it just made me really happy. We worked really hard to build a forum that is for everyone and that the people on other forums that like to bully people and Bash on them for whatever reason will never be able to do that here. I’m really glad that you decided to be a member here and I hope that more people read this. It’s a great example of what’s going on at the other forums that just isn’t right almost all the forums were created so that people could trade ideas and information talk about different ways to do things and to help each other out. Somewhere along the way they turned into places that only a certain group of people are allowed to talk and what they say is the only way that it can be done. I don’t believe that one bit I believe that sharing ideas and thinking outside of the box with open conversation that is uncensored is where great ideas come from. At UGM we’re all here to help each other and give advice to anyone and everyone.
I appreciate you sharing that story

Hit me up anytime


I thank you kindly my brother