They say shows are won from the back


Liking how this style of training has me looking. I’ve never been this freaky looking 8.5 weeks out. Food was increased again today. Protein is 331g carbs is up to 429g and increase of 129g in two weeks and fats 20g. Still all cardio ceased two weeks now. Train hard get more food cut cardio


Lookin killer bro. Are you willing to share what gear you’re on right now?


Fucking nasty bro, keep killing it. You’re definitely getting more grainy by the week it seems like.


Again always amazing pics! @PHD
And im with @Fitraver if you’d share your gear info… they say sharing is caring!


I don’t mind sharing at all. But the Gear alone isn’t what does this. It’s diet and hard fucking work in the gym. The same type of training I have adapted for myself is what I will pass along to all clients.

750mg sust week (mon wed fri)
400mg mastE (tues thurs)
500mg primoE (mon-fri)
4iu GH 2iu am 2iu before bed
1mg arimadex before bed
10iu humalog post training (7 days a week)

In two weeks I’ll change to all cutters.


I 100% agree with that philosophy on the training and diet being number 1. Your cycle is prettt moderate too. Just proves your point even more. Doing awesome bro. Keep it up, that pro card will be yours I know it.


Also agree on the diet and hard work. :100:


Looking killer brotha :facepunch: :facepunch:


S**t. Looking like a monster! Just make sure your legs keep up with your back. I can see the possibility of your back dwarfing your legs in the future if you don’t.

All round though, great work.


Thanks bro. I would love for that to happen as my back was a weak point and legs always been strong point


Interesting… well you’ve definitely done a great job at rectifying that.

I’m new o the forum so sorry if you’ve already mentioned this in the past… do you compete or do you just solely do this for fun?


I agree with @EdwardChase and that’s awesome, work until your weakness becomes your strength then work some more