There's an itch and i just wanna scratch


I started at 335… got on UGMuscle i was 290s in roughly 4 months ive gotten down to 358lbs… and some how went from 33%bf supposedly… now to 27.3% I’m no mathematician but that doesnt sound all that correct… am i skinny… fuck no… somewhere along the lines ive lost more than bodyfat… i dont care how much protein i eat. Either way, it seems the closer im getting to that 250lbs goal… the goal i had set to start a cycle. I dont feel like its right. Even though i feel “normal” i know the strength i had has diminished and im about 80 fucking pound smaller. As much as im not a fan of having a belly i miss my size. I dont really feel like im accomplishing goals as much as im feeling less of the monster i was.



35#'s in 4 months is impressive.

My strength seems to decrease also as I lose weight. Partly because for me to drop weight I have to change the way I train and include way more aerobic work. Strength v weight v speed is a tough balance. If I want to more faster I have to be smaller. If I want to move big weight I need to be bigger.


You have good size and hitting the weights hard with a solid diet is going to get you to feel like you have plenty of size without the belly. I actually know what you mean. When I originally lost the weight the change in my body size was really strange. I felt really small and almost weird. Once I was above 200lbs and solid I felt really good.
I believe that if you hit it hard you could sit around 210-220 with some weight and muscle mass and feel really comfortable.
I feel my best 210-220 im starting to feel fat again because im around 225 I need to cut atleast 10lb before I run my next cycle.

Looking good brother keep pushing it!!!


Keep at it and you’ll be a monster, keep the beard too! :slight_smile:


Keep at it and you’ll be a monster, keep the beard too! :slight_smile:


Had some pecan pie… and kaboom… feeling myself today… monster status… who just needs to be bigger monster… maybe was having a snickers diva moment. Lmao


Oh. My. God.