The og simplest routine


This is literally the beginning routine for alot of guys out there so if you are stuck saying what should I do when I walk in the gym then use this.

My training for this cycle consists of a 6 day schedule ed I break down which group im going to work. 1. Legs 2. Back 3. Arms (this is tricky I try to do real light on this day because I don’t want to over train my arms there used in almost every exercise) 4. Chest ( my 2nd favorite ) 5. Shoulders ( my favorite )
6. Is core and cardio and really anything else I feel that I want to throw in.
This is the simplest routine there is im going to start posting here and increasing the experience level each time. You can add cardio to every day or just maybe 2-3 depending on your goals you might not even want to run cardio