The importance of knowing, trusting, and legitimizing your source



I will say that because of the amount of scams online requesting donations I approach everyone of these situations with alot of skepticism going in. I can really understand everyone’s point of view about this from his problem not mine to feeling bad for the guy and wanting to help him out.
I personally donate to a couple of different online requests for donations. I donate to and I have donated to I have even recently donated to other forums that I frequent because I really believe in harm reduction even if it isn’t through Me donating to these sites can definitely have people saying that I shouldn’t. I do though because I believe in these sites and I agree with what they are doing.
A different example is even that I donate to opioid addiction rehabilitation and to support the legislation of medical marijuana. I just wanted to point out that its only medical I could care less about recreational.
Donating to these two causes brings criticism which I can understand but if I believe that I want to donate I make sure that everything is legitimate with the donation im going to be making. I mean you really need to check into the organization or the person because I believe that the biggest online scam is probably donations so dig deep before committing. Also you don’t want to donate to an organization no matter how legitimate they may seem if there employees are making more money than I am or you are and there income is coming from the donations made than I don’t donate this is a personal preference.
It really comes down to each person and what they want to support. As long as this doesn’t pop up as a complete scam in the next couple of days I believe that I will donate to Dan.
I wish him the best if he is truly going through this situation.
Best of luck to you Dan from BIGMURPH at if you read this reach out we would like to really discuss your situation.
It would be great to hear your story and be able to discuss it here at
I believe that the sponsors that have taken it upon themselves to donate to a situation like this shows that they really care about people’s safety and harm reduction just like I do and I wanted to say to them much respect.


Fortunately for Dan, Thailand has great Healthcare that is really inexpensive.

On the subject of infections and abscesses, it is not necessarily bad or dirty gear, right? Injecting 3 CC’s into the same spot Time After Time. Or the guys that just pump oil into certain sites.
Maybe a little speck of rubber from the stopper.


He’s in Columbia.


Gotcha. I just watch his YouTube video.
Surgery is expensive but I bet it’s way less expensive in Colombia than in the USA

And probably just as good of healthcare.
I do have empathy for his situation, but that hospital will surely set up a payment plan for him.

This would be an interesting question for William Llewellyn, regarding a likelihood of getting gear with necrosis causing bacteria.


LOL… You have never been to Brazil or Thailand then. I’d trust my local vet over the health clinics I saw in both those countries. :wink: I am sure the major hospitals and private care are pretty good though.


Hmmm not sure about Columbia but most other countries Ive visited you either have the money to pay or dont get care. Granted its cheaper then in US but last 3 countries were all the same way when dealing with foriegners and healthcare. In one country they made me pay everything in advance. Another threatened to call police if I walked out without paying (just didnt have enough cash on me and all at home). I had to call a friend to bring a translator and bring me money just to avoid going to jail… for being $50 short…


Yeah that isn’t going to fly with someone holding a passport. What are you thinking @Burrr??? :grimacing:


I could be wrong…


Got a push from YouTube regarding Dan’s situation, figured I’d post this up for you guys.


Thanks bud


Lmao. I have a good friend who is a vet . He donates his time in 3rd world countrys doing local surgical services on people for free. Teeth to sinusitis. Growths and cysts.


God bless him.
I respect things like that alot




What does it say about him?
Was it a scam?


Are you really that lazy that you can’t click play? :crazy_face:


Yeah especially YouTube lol


I try to give them a chance. I lasted the intro where this guy is walking around like a retard and then clicked off.


Could he say “fuckin” a few more times too?


I agree, that was way too much for me. And generally speaking I have the mouth of a drunken sailor.


What did he say…
Other than I’m not a sheep and the word fuck.

Good grief. Annoying dude.