The Dynamic Evolution discount code


Hey UG fam exciting news!!! The company I buy most of my supplements from is giving UG a special discount code. Use “fam25” for 25% off your order. Go
Check out his site he has the best cutting edge products with patented ingredients such as vaso6x an NO2 enhancer that’s great for heart health and general overall health. I take 2 every morning and stay vascular all day especially once I hit the gym around 7pm. Stack it with Loaded af and bam skin popping vascular pumps like none other. Here’s his website enjoy fam




I will definitely check it out @PHD. Thanks for the lead and the discount. I know you have spoken highly of them.


Yes sir and he carries all top brands such as project AD and Evogen. I usually don’t give shouts out to supplement companies but Guy is legit and loyal as fuck and takes care of me.


Good to know thanks @PHD



I will send some business his way. If we don’t take care of our own… who will?


Looking good… will check out the site :slight_smile:


Thanks @SemperFi I totally agree. Nice to have a company and friend that doesn’t make or offer bs products. You know as well as I do that there are some shady people and businesses in the supplement industry.


Writing a product review would be a good idea. I will pick up some of his fast acting supps and post up a review sometime in the near future.


@PHD I picked up the Vaso6X and The Loaded AF. I have never used a product containing vaso6. In fact I had to google it. The pricing is more than fair and the discount makes it a steal. FYI- The discount code is case sensitive… FAM25

I will share my own personal experience as soon as they arrive. Thanks again for sharing this discount with us.

Here is the information on the patented Vaso6 from the company that makes it for anyone wanting to know more… It not very informative but a google search provides additional info.

This is one of my fellow keto junkies sharing about it… Thomas is a smart guy and gives basic lifestyle advice from a educated perspective in layman terms.

5 bennifits of nitric oxide and body building

Awesome. I didn’t know that it had so many health benefits. I left my loaded af (as fuck) lol at home I’m on a two week trip lol. My girl will use it all up and I’ll have to buy more lol


Ordered on Friday. Product arrived on Monday. I will use the products a few days and post a review.

Actually excited to see the effects of Vaso6.



Hell yea. He’s awesome bro. I left mine at home he just overnighted me some. He deff takes care of his customers.


I was a bit surprised by the timely delivery. I will put the Vaso6X and the Loaded AF to good use starting in the morning. The fact that neither are spiked with stimulants is a big plus for me since I am very stimulant sensitive. The also know what they are doing with the Loaded AF since it contains clinical proven doses of Vaso6 and citrulline. Most NO boosters are way short on the citrulline malate. The inclusion of electrolytes and vitamin C is a bonus.

BTW both products are MADE IN THE USA.


I will be writing a review on Dynamic Evolutions Loaded AF and Vaso6X very soon. My first impression after a full week of use of both is that they both fit the bill and surpass what I have experienced from other NO2 boosters.

The discount code made them very cost effective per serving and I will load up on them while the discount is available.

Again, thank you PHD for getting the members here a family discount.