Thanks everyone


Dann , I found a fast easy seller on local coins…fear always wins if you let it. I hate change and was confused but now I can get btc in minutes. So next is SBL.


Good job, I need to take that step I hav no idea how to do any of that bitcoin or anything similar to it, maybe you have given me the motivation towards it


dude I can pm you the actual seller…they do verify you which I thought about and nothing illegal is going on , they and you wanna be safe. Super easy. I was so mad when everyone kept telling me to go there. 20 minutes. Next time 5 minutes because it’ll be set up.


Ok pm me please


Hey bro! go to them I’m on test500 and Oxa and his test is real kick and no pip!!! unfortunately i can’t take more because of my reemision :confused: my friends are happy too of cut mix, tren and primo. I will go soon for another order it wll be my 4th. SBL great lab and the best customer service. Trust me I’m not alone with my opinion.


Thank you, I was going too. I’m going to give a go to our srcs. But SBL is very interesting. Thanks and ke e P kicking ass


I like Anavar so I’m gonna do all of them and see which is or all is best. Actually, I like putting orals in an out throughout. Its worked good for me.


Hey brother you offered to pm the bitcoin guy I said go ahead and you never did…


You are not alone bro i also have no idea about bitcoin and have heard that people can rob your wallet if not done properly which pit the brakes on it for me


Yup pretty much, but I am trying to be open to diff ways and means, but on the other hand I feel I should stick with what’s been working, so for now I m sticking with indecisiveness


I have to go back and make it easy. Otherwise I’ll right a frighin book. It’s easy once you go on the site. The problem was I bought just 300 bucks to be safe and the next day it was worth 225. 30+ percent drop. I didn’t think about that. So, I can tell you y who sold quick by PayPal at a good rate but I didn’t even think it would drop that much. So I have to do a really quick turnaround.


Wow so you lost money, well fuck it then I’m stickin with what I know


I didn’t think. I’m glad it was just for one place to order. So you put in order and 24 hrs later you get payment info. Then you can’t afford it. Btc was ( no expert) at 10k next day like 8k. I would rather send cash. But , it could of went up and I’d be all happy. What happened to meeting your guy at McDonald’s and having a takeout bag with your big mac and 10 eq?


Lmao those were the good ol days bro!


Ha ha my old source ran a protein shake stand at gym WINK WINK use to go in buy a shake n they would be in the big 32oz styrofoam cup


Lol thats awesome bro


Although I like the McDonald’s idea so I can go in and inhale a quick 900 cal meal then be on my way with gifts


Btc is great if you know how and when to cashout. I made thousands off it. But theres two purposes. If your going to use in currency then look at last 72 hours and if stable or going up buy and transfer right away.

If your holding it for invest it takes experience when to sell so you dont lose and when to buy. Typically as it goes up fast some banker will try and talk negative about it which causes it to drop but usually not that bad. Then others will buy and start going back up.

When its dropping poeple try to unload on bills. Then if its rising they try to hold off on paying bills. If your buying from a source get the payment info then buy btc and send right away. So your not waiting on the market.

Old days were great but thanks to internet the prices are cheaper now then it used to be years ago in person.


Amen :slight_smile: BtC is the easiest payment for all of us, I highly recommend BtC! Best way buy and sell otherwise is like gambling

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