Thanks everyone. 1,000,000+


No fees to google. You do need to register with the developer console and use site index. Then pay for other services that analyze your site and competition and tells you what to fix and change etc. Backlinks are important. And what site score the sites that use your links have. Some with bad ratings you need to get rid off etc. Basically tell google to unlink you from the bad sites.

One thing i did was create and purchase old urls and create content there and link back to here and other sites. Whats known as “authorative” sites.


u are awesome!! great advice! thank u soo much i will look into the hosting deal…i am on a hosting server now through a histing company that i used all those services…but some how they keep messing up…the other day i noticed alexa script was written into my html pages I HAVE NEVER edited or added such thing and aparently causes my forms to not work and deactivated the fields as well as the host changed acceptable scripts for forms and went to solely php…so my estimate request forms of over 20 fielda and dropdowns cannot work…i have work to do…all the links were interlinked to differt pages within the site…i created one of the biggest sites they have ever seen…said the host company lol!!!..been like this for a over a year now so the site is just for viewing examplea of my work and cannot request estimates but i will start with all u suggested…awesome! :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:


I have to say that you seem to have a lot of responsibility here on the forum, and seems like it’s your job, so I want to personally thank you @TrenGod for all your diligent work and dedication.


Thanks John. Yeah its alot of stuff and alot of full time hours daily. Not my full time job so its kinda in addition to other things I need to do. My work days sometimes I only get 5 hours to sleep. Then I have to study new technologies and test them. Look to what the future will have. Thankfully they make mobile devices capable of doing alot so I can work on things on the go. Even when grocery shopping Im walking around working…


That’s dedication brother




You are fkn awesome brotha cant thank you enough for all the hard work you put in day in and out to make this place the awesomeness it is along with Bigmurph and Fitraver! You guys are the shit so proud of you all and to be part of something so beautiful here :facepunch:t2:


Tren also is a good resource. If there is anything I can do to help you out. I’m willing. I know SEO and analytics. Great forum thank you!


Glad to see it’s still growing, you guys are all doing an awesome job. Just hope we can keep the rif-raf out of here and keep all the positive people here that are truly here for experience sharing, and education!


Weve more then doubled that since this post was made. Several hundred new members later since this and still growing steadily.


I’m still trying to catch up on all the threads iv missed reading while i was in hospital, so i might accidently post in something youve already discussed… Ill get caught up!

By the way anything in the works about adding a way to see dates or times for posts or threads?

**edit… I think i just found it in the upper right corner of the post


Let me check on mobile. We have it on desktop tho. Im busy this weekend between 2 events but ill have a look.


ok thanks!


Done. Quick css edit on my mobile. Just reload the page.


Done, Just tried it on mobile and I see it know… That should help me out a little bit more often now!