TestC and 30g Slin Pin


TRT dose but 1mL will go in just as easily.


Dr Tony huge has a video of Dave palumbo showing him how to spot inject his arms . I’ve used his advice and it’s perfect for me. Split the biceps and find the peak . Relax the arm and inject the peaks. I’ve had no pain or issue .
Triceps I have my wife do .


Using the prefix Dr. very loosely. :rofl:


Yeah I don’t know if everyone read his arrest report but it tells alot about the “DR”


He’s a tool. The one time I watched a video of him reconstituting GH with bottled water was all I needed to know about him.


I have never seen that one but if he is using bottled water I would have been laughing really hard. Even if you were to inject the whole vial as soon as you reconstituted it that’s just a bad decision. Smh


I think the guy is hilarious and hes changed his knowledge and info having actual professional bodybuilders and coaches around him.


And it was Dave palumbo showing him where to inject the site oils I was referring too


I know what you meant @jstan. I was just taking a jab at the “Doctor”.


Lol I never got the Dr part either



Holy hell lol! Things that make you feel old as dirt haha