Terrible chest pains


Ok guys so I’m trying to reach out and see if anyone has encountered my situation. So typically I like to do a few calisthenics before I lay down for the night. Just some flutter kicks, push-ups, planks, basically core work. Well last night I went down into a pushup position and planked for a few minutes, right from he plank I go directly into push-ups. On my first push up as I was going down a jolt of pain shot through the upper center of my chest. I stopped right away. Now any even basic movement I make with my upper torso the center of my chest is killing me. Would you guys think this a tore or sprained muscle? I don’t think I cracked my sternum because it’s not tender to the touch whenever I do crack my sternum. Any feedback would be much appreciated. Could I possibly massage this out? Of course today was chest day this morning, so I think I made the right decision to take off lol


I don’t believe its anything cardiac related or anything muscle-skeletal. It maybe just a strained or pulled muscle or maybe a tendon or ligament that runs across your chest.

Did you feel the pain during the tension or stretching range of your push-up?..was a fast movement? When you start having pain…where does it start and can you describe it? IMO I think it maybe be something just inflamed i.,e., strain or something pulled.

Usually and OTC NSAID will take of the inflammation.


I’m no doctor but it sounds like a sprain or slight tear possibly. Either way, it’s not good and you’re going to need to take it easy a few weeks or more if it’s torn. This game is a turtle race bro. Slow to grow the whole way already so if you try to push it, you’re just going to delay progression.


The pain just happened instantaneously as I was going into the stretching motion of the push up. I wouldn’t say it was a fast movement as like to really contract all my core muscles during push ups. The pain starts at he very top interior of my pectoral muscle and comes down about halfway down my chest, all very centrally located of my chest. It’s a very sharp pain I feel mostly when j move my upper body, mostly when I reach for things with my arms.


Is it physically stinging to the touch or is it a constant pain? Either way doesn’t sound good but it could be the difference between being muscular, tendon or bone.


I’m really hoping it’s not torn brotha. That will really throw a wrench into things. It’s not stinging or painful to the touch, also it’s not bruised either. I would have to say generally it’s a constant pain, only time it really relaxes is if I lay flat on my back.


Sounds more like a bad sprain to me man. I’ve torn my hamstring and it bruised pretty bad. Still sucks and will put you out for a little while if its sprained but is way better than a tear.


Any discoloration at the site? If there is it could be a possible tear and with bruising you maybe be looking at min. 2nd grade. If not I would say again thats is a strain or pulled muscle, lig., tendon especially if there is pain only when flexed. IMO I would start an OTC NSAID first for a day or so and see if it improves. If so, then continue with taht and taper your dose. If no relief after a couple days then I would make an appointment with your MD.


No discoloration, so that’s a plus I guess. I’ll be picking up some Motrin on my way to work and start with that. Thanks brotha


You do have a tiny tendon on the inside of your chest towards the bottom if im reading this right it sounds like that’s where the pain is. If so it sounds like you pulled the tendon.
If you have pain without weight on it you might have torn the tendon but no bruising usually means no tear. If you pulled the tendon which is a common injury that im dealing with myself just a different tendon its all about time they preach heat and ice then gradually work back into your routine after about 4wks.
This is what im going through now with pt included.
Take it seriously because you don’t want it to become a permanent problem. My bicep is a permanent problem and I can no longer lift heavy it sucks.
Get better brother wish you the best injuries suck


Good luck and keep us posted my friend.


Thanks for all the help guys I really appreciate it. Right before I got to work today I put on some Tiger balm and it seems to be helping. Tonight I will do some heat and cold treatments and let you guys know how it works out. Thanks again


Keep your chin up @Raphael3636
Injuries will heal but you’ve got to take it easy- get back in too quick and you’ll likely make it worse.


Thanks brotha! Your absolutely right too I know my body could use the rest, it’s the mental part that kills me😬lol


Sometimes we can do everything right and shit still happens… Stay positive and focus on what you can control. Hope it gets better soon bro!


^ is absolutely correct bro. The Tao says the only control we truly have is how we react to the world around us.


Well fellas so after tiger balm all day yesterday and a heat and cold treatment at night I would have to say the has subsided to some degree. Nowhere near what I was feeling yesterday. I will continue to lay off any chest excercises for the week and see how I feel. Thanks again fellas for the help.


Great ta hear.


How its going Raph?..just checkin’ in.


Hey brotha thanks for chimimg in. So Im still doing some heat and cold treatments at night and continue taking anti inflammatories. It’s helping a great deal. No chest excercises yet. Also being at work and moving around I believe is helping as well just by stretching it slightly as I move. I’m very relieved no bruising occured.