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that’s right, be careful @Pastor any nr of track is just to your info and pls don’t share this with anybody, also thank you @TrenGod for quick edited.

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my bad, please forgive me i thought everything was scratched off…good looking out ,thanks again


Good lookin product


I just put in my second order with Sym, I’ve got to say best customer service ever. And T/A was 7 days and I also got updates through out the whole shipment. Packaging was perfect, I’ve just started my cycle with his test 400 and NPP and I find my self slowing my injections down they go through a 25 gauge so fast. I will be getting bloods here in the next few weeks. Will post with the results. But so far I’m loving the product. My new go to source.


I shot this morning 1 cc of Symbiotec-lab masteron p; it went in nice and smoothly and then i had a great work out …no pain in the injected area


Sounds like we have another great product and src. Everyone usiny the SymBiotec line please keep us updated on results.

Any know what StmBiotec uses as his carrier?


Got some primo on the way . I’ll be running it immediately


Miglyol 840


Not too familiar with this…I have heard brewers using MCT oil due to thinner viscosity and hold into suspension. Any benefits of Mig 840?


That’s good smooth stuff right there, @Iron_Junkie_Labs uses that also, it’s the best oil I have ever had to deal with


Extremely smooth. Flows through a 31 gauge easy. Hardly any pip. It’s so thin I even draw into a 31 gauge in a few minutes.


It has less density and when properly mixed no pip. I shot this morning again masteron pr and is nice n smooth


Hey guys!
I see you debated without me lol
We are using Miglyol 840 with other pharma oils to made our product less density as much we can but pip isn’t just about oil :slight_smile:

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I agree just the simple fact of introducing a 1 inch 1/2 needle in my muscle can create several sources of pain , and that is before pushing the plunger


also few our members from UGM are using Test Mix and Test 500 and no pip at all :slight_smile:

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Afterr 3 pins of masteron pr from SBL this i can confidently say : PAINLESS.
Another issue that i have noticed is the clarity of the liquid in the vial CRYSTAL CLEAR, and not only the masteron p, also the test e and test cyp looks so transparent and well dissolved.


This is one of the European athletes sponsored by SymBiotec-lab ( strong man) , i also saw other pro-bbuilders that i can’t post here but this offered me great inspiration to make a few personal decisions. I got 4 weeks left of this cycle and am using SBL masteron p to cut, i have increased the cardio and brought the carbs down to 150-180 grs a day…i wanna see how lean i can get using this masteron p as cutter ; i will post pics at the end of cycle. Then i will do 4-5 weeks TRT on SBL test cyp 200 mg/week. Then will start a cycle designed by SBL all the way, i will post pics all along this journey.
I wanna say thanks to Symbiotec-lab that has offered me new horizons in bbuilding.


hey @Pastor, I also have test500 symbioteclab. A real cannon, an amazing kick and no pip!! I use this not a lot because only 500mg but the feeling is amazing !! I also use oxa in such doses as I was recommended by sbl from customer service. SBL is an amazing guy, he wrote everything to me about when and how many mg and everything works as it should. I am very pleased and my colleagues also, cutmix, tren and primo dymanit! Friends were wondering primo is legit or not because such cheap but after a week of use they changed their mind hahaha.
To guy from customer service in a few days next order. Keep a hard work.


we are in full agreement brother


this guy is amazing !! I found him on another forum and everyone advised me not to buy because he is international, I asked and Chinese are not international? Now, do not regret, gear is really good because others also confirm it. I was wondering how SBL does that the oils are so clean and look like some water. Your Masteron looks just like primo, like water. Strange I have not met with such a clean UGL yet. I understand pharmaceutical grade but UGL? The most important thing is that it works !! You will not regret it