SuperTropin HGH? Anyone used them?


Has anyone ever heard of or ever used SuperTropin HGH? It says on it pharma grade but its obviously not pharma grade GH lol Does anyone have any more info or experience with this brand?


Was that the one IJL was trying to hype up as Pharma when as you said it’s clearly not since there’s only a couple true Pharma?

If you’re lookin for actual Pharma let me know if I can help. PCS stocks multiple brands.


lol yea the one from ijl, ever heard of it?


Personally I have not. Lots of different generic gh floating around.


Let me invite @MBTJR1980 over, he told me last Augest that he’s using this exact GH from IJL & its very strong stuff, @MBTJR1980 brother have you ran bloods on it? What was your experience & any positive results?


I also know that some bunk GH add chemicals to give numbs & the side effects of GH… Has anyone heard of that?


I showed you my experience with bloods on chinese gh lol. I know theres better but tests should always be ran independently.




Yes this is very true. There are actually peptides that mimic gh. I believe that most use ghrp to pass off as gh in alot of situations.
This shouldn’t be a problem soon.
There should be a pretty big announcement coming up online that is going to bring the end to fake HGH being so common and easily passed on.
It won’t bring the end to people providing fake hgh but will give people the opportunity to be able to tell the difference.


@Bigmurph are you hinting at a RoidTest for hgh?


Wouldn’t that be great. :shushing_face:


I used Supertropin about 1.5 years ago, I’d steer clear as there are better options available. However, there are some who claim to love it. If I was still in the GH game it would be Dr. prescribed only for me, I don’t trust anything else.


Why would you steer clear from SuperTropin? Have u had bloods on them?