Summer cycle

Whats everyones summer cycle looking like right now?
Personally I’ve been having a lot of luck with a few diffrent things
Igf1 lr3 60mcg workout days
Peg mgf 400mcg rest days
Hgh 4iu daily
Mk677 25mg daily split into 2 12.5mg doses
Giving my body a rest from anabolics and messing around with a couple things. What do you guys got going on?

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900mg sust
600mg eq
400mg trenE
50mg proviron
50mg Anadrol
4iu GH
10iu log pre n post

Second half of my summer off-season blast. Down 25 pounds and now increasing food
Carbs training day 660g
Protein 341g
Fats 91g
Calories 4808
2 cheats a week after back day

Still getting tighter

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