Steroid Use or Steroid Abuse... You Decide


Imagine buying a brand new car or truck. It could be any car or truck. Now imagine never washing that vehicle. Never doing the scheduled routine maintenance. Never checking tire pressure or brake wear. Never detailing the interior. The only thing that you are doing on a regular basis is filling the tank with low grade 87 octane gasoline. Imagine one day you decide to purchase some C12 racing fuel additive and add it to your tank because you want this once new car or truck to have a bit of a boost.

Based that scenario do you believe your are abusing your car or truck or do you think you are doing what is best for the value of the vehicle?

In the above analogy now assume the vehicle is you, the gasoline you put into it is your food choices, how well it is maintained is training and the C12 racing fuel additive is steroids.

Based on that do you believe this is steroid use or steroid abuse?


Great analogy and def makes you think about your approach to this thing we all love. Only got one body and one life so take care of it best you can cherish it otherwise you will lose it!


At the end of the day a vehicle that is well maintained looks better and has a higher resale value then one that just used a fuel additive.

I think in terms of return on investment.


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I m happy to dispense what knowledge I have I wish I could more free with origins and personal experiences but I will never withhold knowledge or information that can be of use to another. I am also pleased that I can get you to smile as well…


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IMO abuse is the guys taking ridiculous amounts of gear, who aren’t doing the rest of the work (diet, training regularly, resting enough). People seem to have the idea that the more gear they take, the less they have to focus on the other aspects of building the body they want.