Steroid Effectiveness Chart



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Handy info to know…just as a guideline through.


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Nice chart brotha thanks for the good info!


I see these charts on the web. I disagree with a few of the ratings. It’s ok for quick reference but I would definitely not use the chart as your go to ratings.


The effectiveness for anything is always subjective and individually based. Take MENT for an example. On paper it is king but the reality is that it falls well short of its anabolic/androgenic rating.

One prominent thing that I see commonly in the industry, and one I have fallen in the trap of, is using a particular steroid that does not support the purpose of the cycle. Or is counterproductive to other steroids in the stack. Even if you are genetically predispositioned to be a bodybuilder it is a slow, long road. Taking two steps forward to just take one step back makes it even worse.

If I was going to start all over again knowing what I know now I would stick to the steroids that have a long history of proven results and avoid ‘designer’ type steroids and each cycle would have a single purpose. I have learned that the a simple path provides a better return as well as a more enjoyable cycle.


For instance I would expect Halo to have a much high strength rating. I would expect the charts to go with the majority of effects. I could be wrong just my opinion.