Starting the New Year with a Badass Promo!



We have added 2 new orals to our product line, ATHENA, and MEDUSA!

ATHENA is the savage big sister of Hela, with 10mg of Anavar + 5mg to Winny! On sale for for 60 Tabs.

MEDUSA kicks up your workout to Beast Mode with 25mg of Anavar + 25mg of Winny! On sale for for 60 Tabs.

Both are now available on our site: Blended Tabs - Alpha Omega Labs

Also to kick off the New Year… We at Alpha Omega Labs will give you a once in a year chance to save 30% off your total order.

Use code NEWYOU (all caps) at checkout will give you 25% off your total, expires 1/18/2019.

To make it even better, this code is stackable with the permanent Cryptocurrency code ( CRYPTO ) which would give you a total of amonstrous 30% off. All discount codes are case sensitive so please use all caps when typing them in.

Please note that the code will NOT work on HGH, HCG, MEDUSA and ATHENA.

Happy New Year from the Alpha Omega Team!


Medusa! Now that’s an oral I really wanna give a try.


Yes Medusa looks gooooood :hushed:


I love the names of your products :slight_smile:


You guys still up and running?


Yes sir! We added Primo as requested from several clients.


Thanks you, that’s my brainchild. Took a bit to convince Alpha and a lot of calculations to get it just right.