Somewhere around 6-3 weeks out lol


Hey guys and gals hope you all are doing great! Well I’m just under 4 weeks out and sitting at 215 down from 254. Things are coming nicely together and I’m happy with what I’m seeing. Lots of added size on my back which I needed.

I have to give a shout out to @MPG for the quality “research” products I got from them. I’ve been using them since start of prep (I don’t like to mix companies) I was blown away by everything from representation on all ends. If you guys haven’t tried them yet I would definitely check them out.


Lookin good bro. Monster legs.




Holding on to fullness which has always been an issue for me.


Yeah full is a word you could use hahaha BIG ASS LEGS!


I already see you on top of the podium holding that trophy


@PHD I may have missed it but what are you hoping to see your stage weight at?

I do see the fullness you are talking about. You are a thick 215! :wink:


I feel disgusted with myself, as I repeatedly look at your legs, they are Outfuckingstanding brother!! I show my woman all the time, she says oh gross their to big, and I say but you’d want them on top of you. Ha ha


Lol you guys crack me up. @SemperFi we are just seeing where I land and will decide the week of if I’ll stay heavy weight or sink down to ligh heavy and then fill out.


Right on :call_me_hand:t3: